Youth Council Trousers £ 300,000 for a non-existent youth parliament

Youth Council Trousers £ 300,000 for a non-existent youth parliament

As the Treasury now runs into everyone’s pockets for huge epidemic bills, new figures Taxpayers Alliance Reveal some worthy reasons arising from the generosity of the taxpayers: between 2020 and 2021. According to a Guido, the British Youth Council, the party that runs the UK Youth Parliament, received 9 299,941 for keeping it afloat, all while actively campaigning against the government, lobbying for children’s suffrage, and asking for “free” universities. This is not to say that the police force should be disbanded on the grounds that it is. “Able[s] Racism and injustice. “

Cash was taken in three steps:

  • £ 183,300 to support the UK Youth Parliament. Which could not even sit during the epidemic, for obvious reasons.
  • ,000 100,000 to support the role of the British Youth CouncilInvolve the youth in policy development across the governmentA role that should essentially “include” the amount of kids demanding idealistic and unrealistic Net Zero targets …
  • যুব 16,641 to prevent the closure of the British Youth Council. Probably because they can only survive a bailout from the government which they hate.

Elliott Cake, Investigative Campaign Manager Taxpayers Alliance Says:

“Taxpayers are tired of seeing their money support controversial campaigns and causes, especially during an epidemic. Government ministers are fooled by the companies that just wipe them out. The government needs to stop funding lobbying merry-go-rounds and focus on cash instead of taxpayer priorities. “

£ To turn 300,000 11-year-olds into the next generation of Momentum Activists. New data from Opinium’s Youth Democracy Index also shows that 43% of 18-24 year olds think socialism is a good model for society, only 32% think like capitalism. Give it a few more years and it will get worse. At least until these kids look at their pay-slips and realize how much socialist utopia will cost …

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