Worst Campaign in Colorado (Round 2)

We’re going 16 rounds in the worst campaign bracket in Colorado (this century). If you missed the first round, click here to get caught.

Click after the jump to break the first round of competition as we can see …

Tom Tancredo ’14 (Governor) vs. Marilyn Musgreve ’08 (Congress)

Marilyn Musgreve He was a generally terrifying man whose bigotry was finally caught up with him in 2008 when he lost to Democrats. Betsy Markey. He was a worse candidate than a bad campaigner.

Tom Tancredo He ran for governor in 2010 while running as a member of the American Constitution Party. He ran as a Republican in 2014 and seems to be doing well until the end of the spring of 2014. Bob Beupres Gaining some momentum and towards the end of May, Tancredo stopped campaigning. Tancredo eventually lost the Republican primary to Beuprez by a little over 3 points.

Levi Tilleman ’18 (Congress) vs. Tom Tancredo ’18 (Governor)

Levi Tilleman And Tom Tancredo Could be an opponent if a little older; Tancredo served in Congress on CO-06 until his retirement in 2008.

For the governor, Tancredo’s 2018 campaign was a sad version of his 2014 bid. He did not wait long to close the campaign when it became clear that he had a lot of Republican candidates in front of him, including the last GOP nominee, Walker Stapleton.

Tilleman was unlikely to be defeated Jason Crowe In the Democratic primary, but literally and figuratively in 2018, it will be harder to do more harm than good. Tilleman secretly recorded a conversation with the DCCC big wig Steny Hoyer, Which has made him radioactive to almost everyone. He will be remembered for a long time for matching himself with the face in a memorable and silly television ad. Tilleman lost the primary by 30 points.

Andrew Romanoff ’10 (Senate) vs. Wayne Hill ’14 (Senate)

Wayne Hill Memo not found; He ran for the Republican Senate nomination in 2014, even weeks after the then-Republican was elected. Corey Gardner Entering late has surprised many. Hill finally comes to his senses before Gardner pushes him to the primary and exits the race.

Romanoff’s 2010 campaign for the US Senate should probably never have happened. He was annoyed, and just so, when Gov. Bill Ritter In late 2008 he hired the little-known Michael Bennett to finish Why Salazar Term in the Senate. But for whatever reason, Romanoff waited until August 2009 to enter the primary against Bennett, during which time Bennett made a significant warchest and Rolodex. If Romanoff had run and jumped in January 2009, he would have been able to prevent Bennett from forming the kind of alliance that would have been impossible to overcome in the end. Romanoff has never come close to defeating Bennett, having lost about 9 points in the Colorado primary last August.

George Bruchler ’18 (Governor) vs. Steve House ’20 (Congress)

Steve House CO-06 is another campaign for Congress that should never have started. Democracy Jason Crowe In 2018, responsible Mike Kaufman was crushed by 17 points, and Colorado only became more blue by 2020. The House can be forgiven, perhaps, just for going through the motions and not letting the Republicans leave Croke unopposed; Instead, the House made a real effort and spent much of its own money on an unlisted campaign.

Bruchler was a candidate for two different state offices in 2018 – the governor and the attorney general – but this is what the former resume did to advance in this bracket. After receiving a lot of publicity (not all is well) at the Aurora Theater shooting trial in 2015, Bratchler was considered a big up-and-coming in Republican politics. He rejected a request from Republicans to run for the Senate in 2016 so he could make a bid for the open governor seat in 2018. Bruchler raised an embarrassing $ 98k in the third quarter of 2017, putting an end to the false “speed” that crowded with supporters. In the end, donors and influential Republicans made it clear that Bruchler was not their man for governor, so he eventually dropped the bid to shoot the attorney general (after the Republicans took office). Cynthia Kaufman Decided to run for governor instead of re-election). Brouchler lost to the Democrats Phil Weiser Ran for AG (52-45). The chronic stench of failure from his governing bid did him no good.

Scott Tipton ’20 (Congress) vs. Jane Norton ’10 (Senate)

As a former lieutenant governor Bill Owens, Jane Norton Has long been seen as a potential top competitor for statewide office. When he finally pulled the trigger on a campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2009, he showed why it took so long to run his own campaign. Norton’s campaign, led by a former governor candidate Josh Penry, Was a disaster. He eventually lost to little acquaintances Why talk By three points, but the margins felt much larger.

In Tipton’s case, it is not entirely clear that he even ran a campaign in 2020. For his sixth term in CO-03, Tipton’s campaign somehow came to the conclusion that he was completely safe in the Republican primary (there are rumors that Tipton’s internal polls led him to double digits in late May 2020). According to most reports, Tipton was as shocked as anyone when he lost to a newcomer in June Lauren Boebert By about 10 points. He has committed a fatal sin for any politician who lost the election and still has huge money in the bank. Tipton descends from the face of the earth after his initial loss; Finding Bigfoot has been easier than finding Tipton in Colorado since he packed up his desk in December 2020.

Heidi Heidi Ganahal ’22 (Governor) vs. Don Quick ’14 (Attorney General)

Don QuickAdams County District Attorney was considered a rising star for Democrats when he decided to run for attorney general in 2009. Quick didn’t make much money or do much – it never seemed like Quick was everything. Interested in publicity or office. Lost fast by 9 points Cynthia Kaufman In 2014, but this race was a predetermined conclusion a few months ago.

Ganahal is building a strong race titled “Colorado’s Worst Campaign of the Century”. We’ve documented more than once in this place how Gunhall’s campaign caught fire in a dumpster inside the wreckage of a train.

Mark Holtzman ’06 (Governor) vs. Ryan Frazier (Congress ’14, Senate ’16)

Mark Holtzman The political scene erupted in 2005 and the Republican primary of 2006 seems to be on the verge of a tough fight with the final GOP nominee. Bob Beupres. But Holtzmann failed to collect enough petition signatures in a particular congressional district, keeping him out of the then-August primary ballot. Interesting fact: It was Holtzman who created the infamous nickname “Both Wage Bob” that drove Beupres in the 2006 race and the rest of his political career.

Ryan Frazier There was another Republican who looked like a potential riser while working on Aurora City Council. He ran for Congress in CO-07 in 2010 and lost to the incumbent Democrats. Ed Perlmutter (53-42). He ran for the U.S. Senate in 2016; After just making it to the ballot on a crowded field of Republican candidates, Frazier finished a distance Fourth Fifth behind the final winner Daryl Glenn. Frazier Aurora tried to run again for mayor in 2019, but he finished third behind the final winner. Mike Kaufman. Frazier’s campaign was all just … bad.

Andrew Romanoff ’20 (Senate) vs. Rowley Heath ’02 (Governor)

Rolly Heath He was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2002, when Republican Bill Owens sought a second term in office. Owens defeated Heath by 29 points in November, the last time he served as a Republican governor in Colorado. In fairness to Heath, his campaign was seldom expected as Owens was not considered worthy of defeat; Heath initially ran for governor so that Owens would not run unopposed, hoping he could help push the Democrats down the ballot.

Romanoff may have had a chance to drop out Michael Bennett He started his campaign in 2010 (see above). In 2020 it was not. Romanoff is never going to defeat the former governor. John Hickenluper, Whose name was ID (and probably still is) is just as good for a Colorado politician. Romanoff carried out a similar campaign to the one he fought in 2010, with known results; He finally lost 55-30 to Hickenlooper in the June primary.

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