Tim Richart on the altar of abortion, monsters and bales

Image of Baal (Bell) from Hell’s Dictionary.

We wrote earlier in this space that Republicans Tim Richard Probably the most annoying candidate in Colorado in 2022. From what we’ve seen and heard from Reichart on the campaign trail, you’ll have trouble arguing otherwise.

But it all depends on how openly Richard talks about a particular issue.

Richard is running for Congress in CO-07 and, like most Republican candidates, he is strongly “against-choice” on abortion. Richard You are just as right in this regard, opposing abortion without exception, even for victims of rape or incest. But the moment most Republicans stop talking, Reichert goes on … through a completely different level of fundamentalism and into the “sacrifice for the monsters” section.

As Huffington Post Friday report:

“Every abortion is a human sacrifice,” Richard said in an acceptable speech for an award from Denver’s Catholic Charities last year, a ministry-based charity that opposes the right to abortion. “Every abortion feeds the devil and as a result contributes directly to the death of the Church, the fall of America and the death of the West.”

“Each single abortion is not a tragic loss with only two victims,” ​​he said. “It’s much more than that – it’s fuel. It’s fuel for demons, because it’s a baby sacrifice on the altar of Baal.” [Pols emphasis]

Uh, yes. Take a look for yourself in Reichert’s comment from 2021 (below), which we’ve taken from a long, equally-terrifying video where Richard is seen with his wife, Martha. Don’t just look directly into Richard’s dead eye:

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Baal (or Baal or Bael) then it is a monster mentioned in some Christian communities who is said to have a cat, human and human head – at the same time, somehow. The baby is sometimes depicted with a spider’s body.

In short, Richard clearly believes that every abortion is like sacrificing a baby on a cat / toad / human / spider altar, which is … different.

Richard is the only Republican candidate to qualify for the June primary after his petition was approved. That could change following Friday’s Republican CO-07 rally, where fellow Republicans Laurel Eamer And Eric Adland Will try to qualify for the ballot through the assembly process.

Horror stories about monsters may be popular with right-wing Republican bases, but they won’t be effective in the general election if Reichert’s campaign moves forward in November. Colorado is a strongly favored state whose voters have rejected the ballot abortion ban on four separate occasions over the past decade.

There is a possibility of making all or part of the Supreme Court illegal soon Row vs. Wade, Abortion in 2022 could be a defining problem. If so, you’re probably going to watch this video clip again … and again … and again.

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