Thursday open thread – Colorado Poles

Welcome to today’s edition of our Senators Grading.

First, Senator Michael Bennett in the order of seniority. While I haven’t been a fan of Bennett for the first 6 years or so of his time representing the Wall Street, I have come to appreciate him because he has become one of the people of Colorado. And want to improve things for everyone, even at the expense of Wall Street.

As we look at the legislation he is sponsoring this session (Bill 35), we see a number of good and strong ones in the fight against dictatorship:

S.3936: A bill to use confiscated Russian resources and other purposes to provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens who have become refugees as a result of the illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

We give a grade of Senator Bennett B. And we hope he can raise that grade if he applies himself.

Second we have Senator John Hickenlooper. He has been quiet since the date as a senator without a brief attempt to run for president which was seen in the air.

The law that he is sponsoring in this session (17 bills), we do not see anything significant (some bills have been approved useful). And nothing focused on the war against dictatorship.

We give Senator Hickenluper a grade C-. And he only gets it because he is a reliable backbencher silently staring at the party line and voting with the party on all the basic laws.

Like the high school star footballer who is really dumb enough to pass any class but gets grades in the interest of the team, we don’t expect to see any improvement here.

This is very bad because of his background in oil and gas. It is natural for him to lead legislation for energy security for democracy.

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