There has never been a more dangerous moment for Doug Lamborne

Dave Williams with right-wing commentator and supporter Michelle Malkin.

Ernest Luning Of Colorado Springs Gazette Political Blog Last Weekend “Win” -Upstart CD-5 Republican Challenger Rip. Dave Williams Of course it wants to do so-at a district rally that only pitted Williams against a few relatively unknown individuals, but from which Williams emerged as the only grassroots-incumbent candidate who opposed the current Republic. Doug Lamburn June 28th Primary:

“If you want to maintain order and stability, where nothing is done and our values ​​are constantly undermined, then vote for the man behind it,” Williams said, pointing to the crowd of delegates cheering on Lamburn. Falcon High School gymnasium after nominating his wife, Emily, and conservative commentator Michelle Malkin Williams.

“But if you want a right-wing conservative, America-first, backbone grassroots fighter who will not back down from corrupt politicians and deep states, vote for me,” he added.

Williams said in his speech that the heavily Republican, El Paso County-based 5th CD – which has not sent a Democrat to the U.S. House since its creation in 1972 – should send a lawmaker to Washington to lead the fight on conservative issues. Taylor Green, Madison Catherine of North Carolina, and Lauren Boebert of Colorado as role models.

“I’m going to be just like Lauren Boebert, though not as pretty,” Williams cracked. [Pols emphasis]

While clearing your palette of those visuals, we must agree that Republican primary voters have more to offer on the Republican Williams Wage issue that inspires them more than Lambourne. Williams’ entire political engagement strategy, from immigration to anti-vaccine “medical rights,” pushes the boundaries of decency in controversial issues – deliberately seeking to dissuade him from using provocative statements that would roundly condemn the use of white conservatives. Williams is also one of the leaders in the state Donald Trump Loyalists continue to work behind his preconceived notion that the 2020 election has been stolen, which is also the opinion of a large majority of Republican base voters.

In short, Dave Williams is a congressman who wants Republican primary voters to join, promising to join. Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, Madison CatherineAnd the high-visible low-productivity pack of Trump loyalists is what they expect a new GOP House to be in the majority next January – with an overriding mission to clear the way for the recovery of the beloved leader in 2024.

Rep. Lamborn comes from an older generation of Republican lawmakers who, while certainly capable of hurting public sensitivities to “own libs,” have not built an irresistible fireplace of aggression in their sole purpose in public office. Lambourne survives on a combination of indifference to safe seats and support for military-industrial interests that have an influential economic presence in CD-5. In 2022, however, Lambron’s long-standing ethics problems are finally gripping him at a moment when a hard-charging MAGA upstart is challenging him with the message that Paul says he wants to hear the Republican base.

A scenario emerges where Colorado loses to Doug Lambourne এবং and then in a twist as a few predict, it actually comes to miss him.

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