There are many regrets in the CU about John Eastman

“I don’t mind saying it was a disaster for the center, for the university.”

– CU Professor Dr. Robert PasnauA former director of the “conservative scholar” program who was hired John Eastman.

Late last month, we learned that John Eastman – A former visiting Conservative scholar from the University of Colorado and a former President Trump The key advisers to a coup attempt in 2021 – perhaps (unknowingly) – have recently put themselves and Trump in even more trouble. Eastman was trying to find a legal way to hide some of the documents from public view, but that attempt failed miserably when a federal judge ruled that Trump had illegally tried to block Congress as part of a criminal conspiracy to “definitely over” the 2020 election. In January, 2021.

U.S. District Judge David and Carter In his remarks, he noted that Eastman and Trump were trying to identify him as “a coup in search of a legal theory.” As we wrote earlier, the Eastman era at the University of Colorado left many unanswered questions for the Republican governor candidate. Heidi Heidi GanahalWho played a role in bringing in Eastman as a CEO Regent “Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization” CU Boulder. Eastman’s tenure at the CU was apparently not well received by those who promoted the idea of ​​a conservative scholarly program.

Robert Pasnau, former director of the Boulder “Conservative Scholar” program.

On Wednesday, an interview aired on Colorado Public Radio Andrea Dukakis With Robert Pasnau, A professor of philosophy at CU and a former director of the Conservative Scholars program. Pasnaw did not quote Eastman:

Dukakis: In hindsight, how do you view Eastman’s appointment and what has happened since then?

Pasnau: “I don’t mind saying that it was a disaster for the center, for the university. I said we brought a lot of good guys. With Eastman … it seems to be a mistake. [Pols emphasis] Whether it would have been predicted, I would not have guessed.

Pasnau then jokingly noted that he was on leave from university when Eastman was hired, saying “I got an alibi about it” before continuing his blunt assessment.

Pasnau: However, it has been very bad for the university and it has been particularly bad for the center. Prior to Eastman’s arrival, there were many people at the university who were reluctant to admit that the center had space, which could play an important role. And those people are far behind. Many departments now refuse to do anything with the center. I hope it fades with time, but it will take some time. [Pols emphasis]

You can hear the following for yourself:

Pasnau later admitted that the “conservative scholar” program at CU had been “reduced … to the whole Eastman affair.”

To our knowledge, this is the first time that anyone associated with the Benson Center has spoken so shamelessly about Eastman’s appointment to the CU. Pasnau’s remarks are now even more difficult Anyone Even associated with the program to try to protect Eastman’s presence, as Ganahall once did:

“Fantastic people come here who come [to the Benson Center]. At the moment, it’s Dr. John Eastman, who is provoking some people. “

– Heidi Ganahal in December 2020

Eastman was removed from his official duties at CU in January 2021, including a university admission that his spring 2021 class had already been canceled due to “low enrollment”.

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