The SNP ignores one-third of its own climate assembly policy advice

The SNP ignores one-third of its own climate assembly policy advice

Despite the SNP’s usual claims about Scotland’s ‘world-leading’ climate change efforts, a new report co-authored by Scottish government officials and Newcastle University found that the SNP ignored more than a third of the recommendations made by its own ‘climate assembly’. ‘In environmental policy. More broadly, the report states that “No proof ” The work of that assembly has influenced government policy. Somehow SNP Net Zero secretary Michael Mathison says he is still “extremely proud” of the work.

The assembly made 81 recommendations to the Scottish government in June, with Sturgeon claiming he was “Glad to support this package of suggestions” In response to the government in December. Looking at these recommendations, the report finds:

“One-third of the recommendations seem to be broadly in line with existing or planned policy, with almost one-fifth of the government exploring some form of commitment, although there is no commitment to implement it. … Although the 14 recommendations relate to the UK Government’s reserves, the Scottish Government is committed to communicating with the UK Government and has done so. “

“The results of the members’ survey indicate that by the end of the main assembly period and after receiving official response, the Scottish Government’s confidence in taking the legislature seriously has waned.”

This is not the first time that the SNP has given lip service to environmentalism, only then should they sit on their hands. Last month, the Climate Change Committee accused them. “Hollow rhetoric“And the failure to deliver policies. Now it’s happening again – from officials within their own government. If the SNP doesn’t really believe in the radical green policy, it should say so. Guido will be happy to hear that.” Instead, they seem to be happy to promise “transformative action”, and then blame Westminster when they realize it’s unrealistic …

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