The Labor Attack Unit celebrates the slotting sunak on the tax

The Labor Attack Unit celebrates the slotting sunak on the tax

Last month Labor advertised for a “Director of Attacks and Rebellions ” And today we are seeing the first results of a more aggressive, new hardworking, approach. Media Grid saw their first digital output on social media in the face of a sage tax hike, a letter from lobby hackers “Sage signed” Was Reaching out hand in hand Yesterday morning, he wasted his own futility in branding against her. They then frame Sunak with a classic-of-the-genre photo opportunity outside the treasury, his face (mask) next to the oversized tax bill, setting the background for the newspaper photo desk. In the weeks leading up to the crucial local elections, he literally turned a blind eye to yesterday’s tax hike. They then drop the story of the non-resident wife to the sympathetic hack for a scoop.

The story is not new either. Private eye He highlighted his wife’s status in March last year. It works today because of the time and media context. The Of independent Front page “Exclusive” is a re-hash of it Private eye Story:

Last night after breaking the story, Amanda Platel said she thought Rish Sunak’s ambition died in the water“AA former adviser to William Hague, he knows a thing or two about the prospect of a failed premiership. All in all, this is a sign of a revived labor media operation, using the ruthlessly tried and tested media strategies needed to win. Ruthlessly effective. Mafia doesn’t even hit wives …

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