The interior minister had no idea about the Rwanda plan

The interior minister had no idea about the Rwanda plan

Today is set to be 18 degrees thick, as many British Boris Kent are heading for the beach. There he will announce long-term plans to start processing illegal channel immigrants in Rwanda. There is also Preeti Patel Fly out In the country to mark the declaration. Although it has been noticed that the President himself 7,000 miles away In Jamaica

The announcement comes just weeks before the government hopes to resume illegal crossings hitting more than 1,000 hits in a single day, according to last night’s banned press release. PM ready to be champion in move “Take back control of illegal immigration ” And that “Our mercy can be infinite, But we don’t have the power to help people. “

This decision should come as no surprise to those interested in the news – perhaps with the exception of Tom Newton Dunn, who misrepresented his plans to process immigrants in Albania and created a diplomatic dilemma by misrepresenting their foreign minister. Home Secretary Richard Harrington must have been caught unawares; Nine days ago, on Ian Dale’s LBC show, a member of the public asked him about the plan, to which he replied:

RH: What is it? A rumor?

ID: It’s more than a rumor, according to today’s paper, I saw in the Times today, it will be announced in the next few days.

RH: Well if it’s happening in the home office in the same corridor I’m in, they didn’t tell me about it. I mean, I’m having a hard time getting them from Ukraine to our country, there’s no way they could be sent to Rwanda!

It’s nice to see the United Government working …

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