The Home Office emphasizes the pronouns of civil servants

The Home Office emphasizes the pronouns of civil servants

Free Speech Union has written to Home Office Permanent Secretary Matthew Rycroft to complain to Home Office staff about instructions to include their pronouns in their email signatures. They are concerned that the directive, which appears to be mandatory, is a form of compulsory discourse that violates the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion and freedom of speech (Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights). They further argue that this is a violation of the Equality Act.

Employees of Visa, Status and Information Services are instructed to format their email signatures to include their pronouns in their email signatures:

Name (pronoun)
Job title
[Name of unit] | Visa, status and information services
Customer Service Group | UK Visas and Immigration
Address / office location [on one line – e.g. Level 3, Foundry House, Sheffield]
T: +44 (0) XX XXXX XXXX
M: +44 (0) XX XXXX XXXX
Email: [email protected]k

Our VSI Our people Our operations Our customers

This is why they have been called “Broad cultural change” Is taking shape in the section. Free Speech Union calls on the Permanent Secretary of the Home Office to ensure that no employee is penalized for refusing to include a pronoun in their email signature, and to make it clear to civil servants that pronouns are not, and should not be, mandatory in email signatures. They are optimistic about success because Matthew Rycroft did not include his pronouns in his official biography …

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