The Communist Party has started the local election campaign … after not getting registration

The Communist Party begins its local election campaign … after missing the registration deadline

Forget about organizing a five-year plan, it seems Loni, who is out of Hadrian’s border, can’t even arrange to go to the ballot paper. This morning, three Communist Party members began campaigning for councilors in Glasgow, posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

“If you think we need to build a community that is conducive to working class people and the life we ​​deserve, vote for the Communists for Glasgow City Council on May 5”

It looked like a campaign that would surely bring down the pig-dog capitalist system in Britain because we know it was rare to go… unless it was mentioned that the deadline to register as a candidate was yesterday, and they were not on the ballot.

Now all of the tweets and accounts have been deleted, though Daily record By saving party disqualification forever, Johnny Hunter has been able to save one of the promotional videos. After all, true communism will never be achieved through the ballot box, will it?

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