The ban on fracking British support is over

The ban on fracking British support is over

New polls from Savanta Commerce show that 44% are in favor of lifting the temporary ban on shale gas extraction across the UK, 36% are against and 20% are undecided. 41% of UK adults also feel that the government’s Net Zero targets have undermined Britain’s energy security and should be “reconsidered” after the Ukraine invasion. Is it any wonder? The energy bill goes through the roof, and we still depend on Russia for most of our coal …

New statistics also gain knowledge often fly spouted in Westminster. In February, just before the war in Ukraine, Jack Goldsmith claimed that it was “It’s hard to imagine how unpopular fracking is with the British public “:

Now, on behalf of the majority, BEIS has commissioned a review of whether the ban can be lifted, and Quasi-Quarting has even called on the government. “Explore all possible internal energy sources ” To solve the crisis. Drill baby, drill.

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