Stefanic effect: No progress from Trump

Representative Alice Stefanik (R-NY) and we’re not talking about that guy.

Republican candidate for governor this morning Heidi Heidi Ganahal Proudly announces its latest support, as reported by (significantly) the far-right fake news outlet Just the news Owned by the nationally known Conservative Pseudo-Journalist Procurator John Solomon-Republican House Minority Caucasus Chair Alice Stefanik:

“I support the strongest candidate in the Colorado GOP primary and the woman who can most certainly fight and win against Jared Police and his $ 24M bank account,” Stephanie wrote in a statement obtained by Just the News.

Ganahal says he is “blessed and honored to have the support of Alice.”

“I have a lot of respect for Alice,” the governor’s candidate told Just the News. “He really is a leader of the conservative movement. And it’s a shining example for women across the country on how to fight for a great country. “

Stefanik Ganahl’s approval comes just weeks after the new CD-8 co-authored “Women’s Watch” in the Republican primary John Coolman And Barbara KirkmeyerAs reported by Phil Anschutz-Owned Washington Examiner. This can be interpreted as a little to the most vocally pro-mega-candidate of the competition Lorry signBut more important to both Coolman and Kirkmeyer (and in that respect, Heidi Ganahal) is what Stefanik represents in the Republican Alliance.

Stefanik’s entire claim to political power in Congress is based on his continued support for Donald Trump. The rise of Stefanik in Trump’s orbit ended in the overthrow of the Republic. Liz Cheney Cheney as Republican Caucus Chair last year after going against Trump during the January 6, 2021 uprising in the U.S. Capitol. Stefanik has been heavily rewarded in the Republican Caucus for his loyalty to Trump, with the GOP whip, or even the Republicans, considering a higher position to restore the House by mid-2022.

In their upcoming primary, all of these candidates are sure to be in support of Stefanik. The downside is that Stefanik denies any attempt by the party that has been advancing since 2020 to accept the defeat of former President Trump in a credible way for Republicans looking forward to the general election. Stefanik’s influence in the Republican primaries is a reminder that Trump is still in control of the Republican Party nationally and is not a message that smart Republicans want to carry in November.

But unless something unexpected happens, they don’t seem to have much choice.

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