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Multiple-ballhood rally featuring “MyPillo” guy at Colorado State Capitol Mike Lindell Along with some of Colorado’s leading Donald Trump Dead-end diehards like the Secretary of State candidate Tina Peters And a U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks The journey started at noon today as promised, but we are sorry to express any hope otherwise the revolution could not take place:

Crowd estimates vary, but it looks to us like about 100 patriots at the top. The participants in today’s rally, though few in number, are more than made up of such amazing material for democratic reproduction:

This is not the first time we’ve said this, but if Clark Peters had been properly represented in his criminal case where he had faced multiple criminal charges in a failed attempt to prove “Big Lie” rigged the 2020 election, they would have suggested breaking that law. Don’t let a bunch of people go anywhere near to admit it. Peters supporter Don’t care That they are admitting to a criminal commission, because they mistakenly believe that a higher standard is being served. And innocent crime apparently didn’t stop there:

Considering Peters facing a possible six months of contempt of court, government law pursued the possibility of several years in prison for the crime of indicting him for gross violations of Colorado ethics. Amendment 41-We think it’s the biggest since the law was passed in 2006 – it’s probably the least of its problems. But we’re still talking about an awful lot of money, especially if Independent Ethics Commission Imposes a double fine of that amount. There is an ethics complaint pending in Peters’ “Legal Defense Fund” question, but now there is a figure to work with-and, well, a doozy. How much money Lindell spent hiding Peter last August and September is still unresolved.

But none of that matters in today’s assembly. It is a celebration of faith. None of this is going to keep Tina Peters out of jail or deny Colorado ethics in government law, but her status as a folk hero is cemented at the moment.

For a few hundred very passionate people and one very rich pillow man, however.

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