Soul Sandoval sweeps the CD-3 assembly, narrows the primary field

Democratic CD-3 candidate Soul Sandoval.

Of the Colorado Newsline Sarah Wilson Another strong rally report shows that the Democratic congressional candidate is eyeing a high-profile race this fall, Pueblo. Soul Sandoval The new GOP debate currently underway in the district represents the aggregator. Lauren Boebert:

Sol Sandoval emerged Tuesday night as the only candidate to qualify for the Democratic primary ballot through the Assembly process in the 3rd Congressional District, confirming his place to face incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert in the general election.

Pueblo will be one of at least three candidates hoping to secure a Democratic nomination in the June 28 primary ballot. Sandoval, 38, has a decade of social work experience and is also involved in community organizing and activism. He has never held an election office before …

“I showed you how I know how to raise money, something that we have to beat Boebert,” he said before the vote. Sandoval says he has raised about $ 1 million so far and that financial picture will become clearer after the financial release later this month.

Delegates in the Sandoval CD-3 Assembly received a strong majority of votes, enough to close two potential rivals who came reasonably close, including state representatives. Don Valdez Exclude from the ballot, as well as the other three non-contestants. This is a performance that positively sets Sandoval up for the June 28 primary, where he faces a newcomer candidate best known for his belly-shifting campaign launch video and a former Aspen city councilor who plundered huge sums of money into the contest while making promises. Focusing on attacking, not his primary opponent.

When this happens a Indeed As a two-way nation, Sandoval seems to have significant strength in terms of grassroots appeal and close ties to the district’s largest democratic population center in Pueblo. We’ve written before about the problems of many of the early Democratic candidates in this race with financial management, but Sandoval has at least proven the ability to bring money to the door and this is an important first step.

Boebert’s own primaries have the potential to attract a large number of disenfranchised voters who would like to have both parties participate in the primaries, but not both. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will have to face an uphill but irresistible challenge in this R + 9 district, somewhat less than before the 2020 redistribution.

And remember, no one knew who Lauren Boebert was.

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