So … that’s about the Republican Attorney General Race

Saturday’s Republican State Assembly was absolutely an EPIC disaster. In their wildest dreams, Democrats can’t expect a bigger upheaval than the one at Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.

The big story was state representatives. Ron Hanks (US Senate) and Greg Lopez (The governor) has won first place in their respective races, but no political competition can better capture the circus that the Republican convention was better than the Attorney General’s race.

John Kellner, JD-18 (Arapahoe County) entered the day as the only known candidate seeking a Republican nomination for district attorney general. He cursed to the left of World Arena with an early fight in his hand.

Stanley Thorne, apparently.

After Kelner spoke with Republican loyalists on Saturday, some people named Stanley Thorne He raised his hand and announced that he too wanted to be a Republican candidate for the AG. Thorne is apparently an attorney (in Texas) and “Dr. Thorne’s Traveling Emporium and Medicine Show.” [like we could make that up]. It’s a bit strange for someone to be nominated for a statewide office from the floor, but how is that? Lauren Boebert Party roll these days.

Thorne sued the delegates that he would be a better choice to be the final Republican nominee for AG because he was not doing enough to support Kelner (now the Secretary of State candidate). Tina Peters. In the race just before the AG, Lopez Mesa won first place in the governorate ballot after promising to “forgive” Peters for his many sins as a county clerk and recorder; Needless to say, this was not an intelligent narrative for Thorne’s exploration.

When the ballot was given, 42% representative in the room Kellner has decided to vote for Thorne instead.

It’s worth repeating: 42 percent of Colorado Republicans say they would prefer “any random donkey” to the attorney general instead of John Kellner.

But even though Thorne is not a registered attorney, he can apparently be nominated for attorney general. In the state of Colorado, There is an obstacle which he can still find irresistible. As Jesse Paul Of Colorado Sun. Report via Twitter:

Sorry John Kellner

We need to correct the previous sentence: Clearly, 42% of Colorado Republicans say they would prefer “any random donkey” to the Attorney General instead of John Kellner … even if that person is not a Colorado-registered Republican.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Keep AG office), but he certainly can’t be a Republican candidate if he isn’t, you know, a real registered Republican. This is a completely different story as the Colorado Republican Party took a better part of the day to get it out.

Kelner may have technically avoided Republican primary contests, but his campaign now has to move forward knowing full well that a large percentage of the Republican base does not like him. Maybe there’s a word for it, but it doesn’t spread with “bomentum”.

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