Sky News Row Ukraine’s coverage has been “too white” since the reporter complained

Sky News Row Ukraine has coverage since the reporter’s allegations “Very white”

As scooped by Sunday Mail Yesterday, a racist row ended Sky News Inzamam Rashid – who co-conspirators remember was suspended for three months after K Barley attended the infamous Lockdown birthday party – accused the channel of “” coverage.Very white “. Screenshots sent to Guido show Rashid commenting in an all-employee meeting chat:

Guido Til said that Inzamam was somewhat rich in slag for his colleagues in Ukraine, especially since one – Stuart Ramsay – was shot and wounded in the line of duty. In response, Sky News chief John Riley told him he would never send someone to Ukraine who was not experienced.

Alex Crawford also called for Rashid’s complaint. Sky New’s Special Correspondent, who said that while the channel cares about diversity, it is not correct to say that there is no one there. “Color is either on or off screen”, As his “Chinese mothers and grandmothers will be horrified that their daughter’s / granddaughter’s heritage and background have been so abruptly dismissed! ”

He continued:

“I’m pretty sure Neville Lazarus is currently in Odessa, Jane Zafar who is returning to her second term in Ukraine and Dominic van Hereden, who has just returned from his trip, will be the exception to your claim Off-air is contributing greatly in both cases!

Given the sheer number of journalists killed and injured in this war, including our own colleagues, no one believes that this is an environment that is anything but extremely challenging and dangerous – and that you need to be adequately prepared. If you believe that there are some people in our newsroom who have been ignored, this is a different matter. But I’m not sure it’s a diversified issue.

I guess we all have to be careful about making Estimates both on and off and continue As well as being inclusive, work together as a team to develop, attract and retain employees from all backgrounds. “

Criticism of Rashid was quite rash, given – as Guido’s sources point out – many do not think they should take a speech from anyone who questions the channel’s reputation for breaking the lockdown rules just weeks after joining the company. Maybe he’ll be happier at HR …

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