Ship rights? Ganahal Major Staff has announced a shake-up

Heidi Ganahal with the new campaign manager Pickles.

When the Republican candidate for governor Heidi Ganahal First publicity manager Tiffany Coolidge He resigned from the campaign just a month after the start of the campaign, a preliminary and predictable sign that things are not going well. Since then, Gunahal has continued to flounder, trying and failing to shake a scheduled primary challenge from the reverse candidate. Daniel Newswanger. As of this writing, Ganahl’s weak and disorganized campaign has shocked Democrats and frustrated fellow Republicans, helping to establish a political narrative ahead of this November’s election in Colorado that is more positive in its outlook for Democrats than national anticipation.

But in a press release today, we see that Ganahal is making some big changes in an effort to reverse his relentless campaign, with massive turnover of workers starting at the very top again:

Boulder: Heidi Ganahal’s campaign for Colorado governor announced this morning a major shock to staff, including the appointment of a replacement campaign manager: Pickles, Ganahal’s three-year-old poodle-terrier mix. The changes come as he prepares for the fourth or fifth re-launch of Ganahl’s campaign since entering the Colorado governorship race, and the Republican Party is preparing for the one-week state legislature tomorrow.

“This campaign is laser-focused on the removal of Jared Polis, and after some unfortunate mistakes with staff, we are confident that Pickles is the right choice to lead this campaign to victory in November,” said Heidi Ganahal. “If people fail me, I personally trained the Pickles for a few years at a secret facility under Cherry Creek Camp Bow Way, so that they could run my governorate campaign, which they certainly did.”

“But don’t worry,” Ganahal said, “because Pickles has the perfect skills for the job: biting the ankles of reporters, liberals and primary opponents and barking at them with ‘divisive questions’ instead of answering them. Don’t talk like the managers do when he’s hungry or have to collect some ‘pickles’. That’s how we put his name, isn’t it nice? “

Instead of questioning later, Pickles chewed the microphone’s covering foam and screamed when an assistant intervened to get him to spit. A spokesman for the campaign explained that this was a communication strategy successfully adopted by Glenn Yankee’s campaign for governor of Virginia in 2021.

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