Sage immersed in latest Conservative Home Cabinet poll, Boris returns.

The sage is the last to sink Conservative home Cabinet poll, Boris is back

Horrible reading for the last number 11 Conservative home Cabinet poll, net approval figures for the once popular sage dropped from +38.8 to +7.9 in the spring statement. The chancellor is now third from the bottom, ahead of only Ben Elliott and Preity Patel, who are now in negative figures with bad headlines about Ukrainian refugees. Sage’s quick drop shouldn’t come as a surprise, with 58% of members saying they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with another Conservative poll statement yesterday.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace still holds a commanding lead at the top, while Nadeem, Trevelian and Truss are all vying for the silver medal, while Jahoi is moving forward this month. Truss has gained nearly 3 points since the last vote, although after his 10-point drop in February he is still preparing for the losing spot.

Boris, meanwhile, is returning to Lazarus-style, backing up 15.8% in the rankings and finally dropping the negative rating of the last three months. His management of Ukraine has certainly helped, although his most obvious successor and rival, accepting all objections to the hiking tax, probably did no harm …

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