Rick Scott and Christy Burton Brown speak around the U.S. Senate race

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott Chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) 2022, which means that in 2022 the Republicans will have to ensure a majority control of the US Senate. GOP Senate candidate Scott was in Colorado this week to meet with Republicans and pretend to be excited. Ron Hanks And Joe O’Dia.

Scott joins the Colorado Republican Party Chair Christy Burton Brown (KBB) for a five minute interview Matt Mauro Fox 31 News. We didn’t learn much from this interview, except that neither Scott nor KBB wanted to talk about Hanks or O’Day. Instead, they promised to remain neutral:

SCOTT: “We’ve got two very good candidates, but look, Colorado voters will choose the person they want to represent. I know one of those people is going to be the next US senator. I will do everything I can to ensure victory in this seat. I will be back here, we will work hard to ensure victory. “

Mauro Scott and the KBB both tried to stress the importance of finding “selectable” Republican candidates, but neither would bait:

KBB: “Well, you know, Matt, I think the question of eligibility is the right one. And that’s what Republicans across Colorado will be able to decide in June. We have to choose a Republican who is going to send Michael Bennett packing …

That is what Republican voters will choose [person] June, and we’re going to defeat Michael Bennett. “

Very insightful.

Mauro then asked Scott about the conflict within the GOP, especially between Scott and the Senate minority leader. Mitch McConnell Scott’s ridiculous policy proposal, which includes plans to raise taxes on all Americans.

Response by Scott … talking about Glenn Yankin?

Look at the Glen Yankin race. Biden won that state by 10 points a year ahead of time. And then we won the governor’s race. So that’s going to go across the country. [We] Almost won the New Jersey governorship race. And look at these school board races – Republicans across the country have won.

Glenn Yankin was elected governor of Virginia in November 2021, which apparently means that in 2022 all Republican candidates will now win in each state. Also, please don’t ask Scott how he wants to raise taxes for everyone.

The rest of the conversation is mostly standard rhetorical about its horror President Biden And Sen. Michael Bennett (D-Denver), but we wanted to share the catchy pronunciation of Scott’s “Coloradans”:

We’re not sure how we’ll explain this interview, since neither Scott nor KBB mumbled the names “Ron Hanks” or “Joe O’Dia” so much.

Frankly, it’s hard to talk about Hanks without talking about “Big Lie” and it’s hard to talk about O’Dia because no one knows who he is.

But hey, Glenn Yankin!

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