Review of Government Commission Fracking Resume

Review of Government Commission Fracking Resume

BEIS has announced that it has commissioned a review of the latest scientific evidence of fracking, and Quasi has acknowledged that the government must “Explore all possible internal energy sourcesAfter the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The British Geological Survey will conduct the review, and the report is expected in June. Meanwhile, the fracking ‘pause’ applied in November 2019 continues …

Speaking today, Business Secretary Kwasi Quarteng said:

“We have always been and always will be guided by science on shale gas.

It remains to be seen whether it will take a few years of exploration and development before commercial production of gas for the market for fracking in England and will certainly have no effect on prices in the near future.

However, we will continue to have an ongoing demand for oil and gas for decades to come as we renew cheap energy and convert to new nuclear energy. In light of Putin’s criminal aggression in Ukraine, it is only right that we explore all possible sources of internal energy.

However, until recent scientific evidence shows that shale gas emissions are safe, sustainable and a minimum hassle for those living and working nearby, breaks will remain in place in England. “

The review will explore new strategies and technologies. “Meet strict safety and environmental protection“Millions of consumers are already feeling the effects of rising electricity prices. Crack up quickly …

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