Republican Weekend Disaster in 9 parts

The Colorado Republicans spent the weekend in the Colorado Springs finalizing the position of candidates for several important races of 2022. If you haven’t heard, the GOP state assembly didn’t go well. Here’s what happened.

(1) Colorado media outlets have seen the same thing

Colorado’s political journalists came to the same obvious conclusion after Saturday’s circus: “Big Lie” reigns supreme in the Colorado Republican Party. Here is a sample:

3 The Denver Post: “Colorado GOP adopts election conspiracy theories in Senate nomination of Secretary of State”

Axios Denver: “Colorado GOP Nominates Election Deniers in 2022 Preliminary Ballot”

Colorado Public Radio: “False claims have been made about the 2020 election and the center because Tina Peters is in the race for GOP Secretary of State”

9 News

3 Colorado Newsline: “The victory of far-right conspiracy theorists in the Republican State Assembly”

(2) If this weekend surprises you, you’re not paying attention

Colorado Republican Party Chair Christy Burton Brown (KBB) was originally elected to his current position early last year after running on “Big Lie”. He said at one point that the Colorado Republican Party would never go back to the pre-Trump days (although he later tried to walk behind that).

Presumptive GOP Governorate Frontrunner Heidi Heidi Ganahal He has been feeling uneasy since the start of his 2021 campaign about his continued refusal to acknowledge that the 2020 election was legitimate. You can see from Saturday’s results why the GOP base is concerned where Ganahl has been so terrified of blabbering on on “Big Lie”.

On Friday night, Republicans heard a “Big Lie” keynote speaker at their centenary dinner: the Arizona correspondent. Andy Biggs.

Republicans spent hours on Saturday discussing multiple attempts by parties to force the party to abandon electronic voting in favor of paper ballots. Do Republicans really think no one will bring it to their State Assembly?

“We had to take two separate votes on whether to have a paper ballot,” KBB said on KNUS radio on Monday. A request for a paper ballot came from the local militia group FEC United; The KBB itself served as president of FEC United before becoming chair of the State Republican Party.

Monday, the founder of FEC United, Joe OltmanThere was still a wide push, wide, and Completely insane conspiracy theory About the “problem” of electronic voting

(3) Daniel Newswanger claims fraud after losing

Again, in the “Of course it happened” section.

A Republican candidate was going to lose on Saturday and then had an almost 100% chance of claiming immediate election fraud.

Daniel Newswanger The race for governor ended in third place, behind Greg Lopez And Ganahl, but less than the 30% threshold that will get his name in the June primary ballot. Newswanger then publicly complained that there were some sort of voting irregularities and that was it He will refuse to admit (Not that anyone has to acknowledge Newswanger to go in June). We know because it happened Newswanger himself posted a video to make this argument:

Towards the end of the video, an unknown person is heard shouting, “We have not lost! We are confused! ”

On KNUS radio on Monday morning, KBB described the details of the event, adding that Neuschwanger’s husband had threatened to beat his father! Completely normal thing.

(4) Raise your hand if you want to be on the ballot!

Republicans allowed nominations from the floor on Saturday. This did not go well.

The first problem with this approach comes when Oltman is nominated for governor (and is supported by state representatives). Pat NevilleOltman had no intention of accepting the nomination, but used his time on stage to support two other Republicans: Ron Hanks For the Senate and Tina Peters For the Secretary of State. Both the KBB and the vice-chair of the Republican Party Priscilla Rahane On Monday, KNUS radio lamented that it was a waste of everyone’s time. You think KBB may have some prior knowledge because he originally worked for Oltman 18 months ago.

After the vote for governor, two different people from the floor were nominated for attorney general. We wrote about it before Stanley Thorne, But was the second woman to be nominated for the AG who soon admitted that she was not even an attorney. Thorne, however, A licensed attorneyBut not in Colorado (he’s obviously not a registered Republican either).

In the end, the district lawyer said John Kellner He escaped from the Colorado Springs without an early opponent, but he can’t be too happy with himself. As we wrote on Sunday:

Clearly, 42% of Colorado Republicans say they would prefer “any random donkey” to the Attorney General instead of John Kellner … even if that person is not a Colorado-registered Republican.

(5) More clowns = better circus

Saturday was undoubtedly a dumpster fire for the Colorado Republican Party, but it did not stop KBB from trying to spin its own dugout on the results:

It is true that the state treasurer candidate Lang Sias There is no Republican opponent. As we mentioned earlier, AG candidate Dr. John Kellner There was a primary Stanley Thorne Was actually a registered Republican. To find a third candidate for this “no preliminary” narrative, the KBB had to include some people competing for the state school board.

Meanwhile, the Republican said To do There are initial fights for governor, U.S. Senate, and Secretary of State. The three Republican candidates in Congress will have a primary in June, and the two open seats (CO-07 and CO-08) will have a multi-candidate primary. Republicans have no candidates in CO-01, CO-02, or CO-06

But, of course, yes to Sias, Kellner and the school board guy.

If you were wondering, Democrats have no initial fight for a statewide race. Democrats have no primary fight in any congressional race. This Republican spin is just stupid.

(6) Tina Peters Assembly

Greg Lopez The rally won the top line because he promised Peters a pardon for any offenses committed during his tenure as Mesa County clerk and recorder. Stanley Thorne Running for AG got 42% of the vote because he and others claimed that John Kellner Failing to support Peters with sufficient strength.

The biggest surprise from Saturday’s rally was that no Republican candidate publicly proposed to Peters.

This is the part where we remind you that Tina Peters literally spent a night in jail a month ago. He could still go to jail on a contempt of court charge, and we don’t even know about the federal crime that he could face in the coming months.

If there is one glimmer of hope for GOP, it is: Mike O’Donnell June created the primary ballot, giving Republicans a three-way primary for the SOS. O’Donnell is a long shot to win, but he could be helpful to the GOP if he can get the vote away for Tina Peters’ advantage. Pam Anderson (Who avoided the rally after receiving the ballot through the petition route).

Taking to Twitter this weekend … not wrong:

(7) No-mentum for Heidi Ganahal

Despite its limitless pending at the Republican base, the supposed GOP governorate frontrunner Heidi Ganahal Came in second place Greg LopezWho have collected Basically the same vote percentage that he got in his 2018 tender for governor. After the biggest weekend of the year for Colorado Republicans, Ganahal is basically a matter of concern.

(8) All the Momentum for Ron Hanks

Watch this photo on Colorado Public Radio:

Republican operatives insisted for months Ron Hanks He is not a real candidate for the US Senate and will not have a chance at a GOP primary. We have long believed that the reality was just the opposite of this position.

Hanks shut out on Saturday as every Republican Senate candidate emerges as the only person from the State Assembly to make the initial ballot through this process (if you wonder how it happened, see point # 2 above). Hanks will face Joe O’Dia June was the only Republican Senate candidate after O’Day to collect petition signatures without relying on the GOP’s insane basis.

Hanks has raised very little money for his U.S. Senate campaign and is as far away from the average Colorado voter on policy issues as a candidate can get. But he is optimistic he can follow in the footsteps of the 2016 Senate and win the Republican primary in June. Daryl Glenn.

The other side of the GOP laser still has a lot to say. Gino Campana A multi-millionaire former Ft. A member of Collins City Council who regularly connected with him Donald Trump And are even rented Kelian Conway As a consultant. He did not make the ballot.

Eli Bremer He is a former chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party and a one-time Olympic athlete (albeit in the “modern pentathlon”) who was the first Republican candidate to run in 2021. He did not make the ballot

Deborah Flora A former radio host and one-time “Miss Colorado” who entered the Texas Senate on Saturday for approval. Ted Cruz. He left Broadmoor World Arena on Saturday in search of a new hobby.

Campana, Bremer and Flora have spent a lot of time and paid a lot of money to many consultants to do absolutely nothing.

(9) Why talk, canary in coal mines

We knew things were going to be (extra) weird on Saturday after the current congressman Why talk (R-Greeley) almost failed to get his name in the early June ballot during Friday’s CO-04 rally. Finished in second place behind someone named Buck Bob Lewis. Buck will probably still win the GOP primary, but getting just 38% of the vote from your own base is quite sad for a current congressman.

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