Refusing to charge a donor, GOP AG did not mention the optimistic Kelner campaign

(Rule 1: Always mention cash – promoted by Colorado police)

18th Judicial DA John Kellner to be GOP nominee for Colorado Attorney General

Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney John Kellner, the only Colorado GOP candidate for attorney general, has faced a moral dilemma for deciding not to accuse a former Douglas County undersheriff and campaigner of misconduct, despite investigators finding possible reasons.

The misconduct in question prompted a Clough employee to delete sensitive records from his staff files before contesting for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Kellner’s decision not to file a complaint was first reported by 9News last month.

The Jeffco Sheriff’s Case report states, “Based on a thorough review of the results of this investigation, there is a good reason to believe that Holly Nicholson-Cluth committed official misconduct in the first degree and official misconduct in the second degree.” “All of this work took place in the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office during Nicholson-Cluth’s tenure in 2019, especially when he was the undersheriff.”

The ethics allegation filed by progressive advocacy group ProgressNow Colorado with the State Independent Ethics Committee (IEC) alleges that former undersheriff Holly Cluth donated a total of $ 350 to Kellner’s DA campaign in 2020. Colorado law limits the maximum contribution to a non-statewide campaign to $ 400, the lowest amount in the country.

“I submitted a letter to the Colorado Supreme Court this morning requesting an investigation by District Attorney John Kellner, for violating the Code of Professional Conduct as well as for failing to disclose his interests to the Prosecutor’s Office when he refused to appear in his High Court.” -Profile campaigner, ”said Sarah Loflin, executive director of ProgressNow Colorado.

Loflin’s allegation raises an undisclosed issue prior to the campaign grant from Cloth, the purpose of which was already made public during the investigation for the Douglas County Sheriff, Kellner, who was already running to replace his term-limited boss, George Bruchler. DA for eighteen districts.

Kellner’s office gave Cluth two reasons to charge: First, it noted that the restriction rule had already expired, given that the alleged crimes occurred in April 2019, and in that case the “discovery” exception should be called for the period. Does not exist. Second, it evaluates the evidence as “insufficient to support a reasonable probability of success in trial.”

In addition to raising the issue of campaign contributions, Laughlin’s allegations also disputed the legal rationale behind Kellner’s decision not to prosecute Cluth. District attorneys usually have broad discretion over the decision to charge. That said, an ethics allegation addresses the possibility of elected officials “violating public trust for personal gain,” which could include a variety of factors, such as the presence of a prosecution decision or conflict of interest.

The Colorado IEC will review the complaint and determine whether it is vain, which has a specific definition for this purpose. According to the IEC website, “in terms of Article XXIX [of the Colorado Constitution] And according to IEC rules, the word “meaningless” does not have the same meaning as its common everyday use (characterized by a lack of seriousness or unpleasant levity). For example, the use of the term “meaningless” by the IEC does not mean that a complaint has been filed in a trivial, insignificant, or bad faith.

El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum Voter Guide, 4/6/22

Kellner, meanwhile, must sue his fellow Republicans to be nominated as their choice for attorney general at tomorrow’s GOP State Assembly in Colorado Springs. As the sole declared candidate, this is probably a predetermined conclusion; Kelner’s only opposition came from a floor nomination during the rally.

While such a scenario is unlikely, there is at least one prominent El Paso County Republican group that does not support Kellner: the El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum (RSF), which includes two county party leaders, Vicky Tonkins and Sheryl. Glasgow.

The RSF said that although members of the El Paso County Republican Party’s chair and secretary of the Strategy Forum were in line with party rules, they did not participate in the recommendations in any way. Arriving for comment, Glasgow confirmed that he was not involved with the list.

Two days ago, the group updated its voter guide, which had not previously included candidate recommendations for the attorney general. The new document recommends opposing John Kellner, noting that “the main (but not the only reason) to oppose the candidate – they are closely linked to the elites of the Colorado Republican Establishment.”

The Colorado Times Recorder Kellner and Cloth were reached for comment but no one responded. This article will be updated with any feedback received.

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