Pam Anderson’s inevitable pending phase begins

Former Republican Jeffco Clark Pam Anderson.

Although the accused Mesa County Clark Tina Peters The campaign for the Colorado Secretary of State is getting the most attention, especially since Peters won the top line in the June 28 primary ballot with 60% of the State Assembly delegate vote, fellow Republican and former Jefferson County Clark Pam Anderson With the high tide of party workers blottering, his campaign has been relatively quiet. Anderson qualified for the ballot through a petition a few days before the Assembly, and we have heard nothing from Anderson about the controversy surrounding the GOP governorate race, among others who came out of the Assembly.

Anderson is clearly running as a candidate who “can be trusted by both parties”, a registered Republican who holds the record for defending election integrity from fellow Republicans like the former Secretary of State. Scott Gesler– who was part of the former president Of Donald Trump The legal team is seeking to cancel the 2020 presidential election and is now working among many other clients as Clark Peters’ attorney. In a state that has steadily shifted to the left over the past 15+ years, Anderson knows that a Republican running as a statewide Republican in Colorado has a big problem – especially a Republican running for the Colorado election right after Trump’s attempted theft. If he can survive until June 28, Anderson believes he can get out of the closet (as it were) and fully embrace the triangle against his own team.

Unfortunately for Pam Anderson, He still has to run in the Republican primary. And at the moment, there is no metric by which he can be considered a favorite. After party loyalists overwhelmingly showed their support for Clark Peters and with the “Big Lie” expansion last weekend, Anderson put his compromise message on the shelf:

And what does that “more work” Pam Anderson say we need to do for the election, you ask?

Forget what you heard about old Pam Anderson-The New Pam Anderson is going to “crack down” on “ballot collection” (his words), fight against the federal voting rights law and bring in those rogue Democrats, and “expand post-election audits” “Circus! It is difficult to determine how any of these are supposed to “protect the office from partisan influence,” since they are all points for blatantly biased Republican talk.

It’s simple: Anderson saw what happened last weekend and knew he needed to convince the Republican Party’s electoral conspiratorial majority to garner support for the primary. The problem is that this new red meat slinging palm Anderson is so conflicted with the old palm Anderson that it doesn’t seem authentic. Timing refers to Weakness Not energy, and he is doing damage that his post-primary image cannot be undone.

But it was bound to happen. Otherwise, Anderson is running for a team that no longer exists.

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