Number of federal fundraisers to visit: Q1 2022

The report on quarterly fundraising for the federal campaign was due by midnight on Friday. Since many of you signed up for the weekend long before that time, we’ll break down what you need to know below …

US Senate

The current Democratic Sen. Michael Bennett The Senate maintains its huge fundraising lead over the rest of the optimists.

Numbers for Ron Hanks Interesting for a non-obvious reason. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Hanks aint for me either. Not really trying To raise funds. Only 11 individual contributors attended the Hanks fundraising report; By comparison, Bennett has hundreds of personal contributors. We assume that Hanks is really bad at raising funds, but a limited number of contributors suggest that Hanks is deliberately choosing to do other things with his time. Hanks may now be hoping for more unsolicited grants as he is the top candidate in the June primary ballot, which happened in 2016 for the Republican Senate nominee. Daryl Glenn. Hanks also knows that if he wins the GOP primary, he will receive at least some national fundraising assistance.

Joe O’Dia It seems to be raising money in the traditional way – just not much. If he were to run for a seat in the House of Representatives, his numbers would be quite good, but it would be a weak quarter for a Senate candidate. Again, fundraising may be much easier for O’Dear now that the GOP field is only for him and Hanks, but it’s not a great sign for a candidate who has more name ID problems than his Republican opponent.

Three other former Republican Senate candidates committed the main sin in the politics of losing money in the bank. Gino Campana (625k), Eli Bremer ($ 150k), and Deborah Flora ($ 209k) All failed to qualify for the June early ballot through the assembly process, which ended their 2022 campaign but did not empty their candidate’s bank account.


The current Republican representative Lauren “Q * Bert” Boebert He is raising a lot of money … but he is also spending a good deal of his money. His opponent in June primary, Don QuorumNot doing well on the fundraising front and will probably have to rely on spending from third-party groups to increase its name ID and / or weaken Boebert.

For Democrats, Soul Sandoval Burning through his money at an alarming rate. Sandoval’s fundraising was not bad – he has raised over $ 800k for his campaign so far – but he has spent over $ 700k. “Pope, man.” Alex Walker, Has collected around $ 130k in just one month, which will take him on a decent path if he is able to maintain this pace. Adam FreshThe bank, meanwhile, has $ 1.66 million in hold – much of it coming from people named Adam Frisch.


Challenger Dave Williams There was a decent fundraising quarter, though he had a long way to go to catch the current representative. Doug Lamburn In the bank. Lamborn’s $ 82,955 Q1 is pretty weak, but it’s no less than what he typically raises in a given quarter. Money probably won’t play such a big role in the June primary, which will be a fight against a small group of mostly consistent Republican voters.


Democracy Brittany Petersen It has been a tough first fundraising quarter, surpassing only Boebert for leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado. Republican Tim Richard More money has been reported for the technical contribution, but $ 500k came in the form of a personal check. [Side note: Reichert laughably claimed in a press release that “70%” of his donations came from Coloradans…a figure that includes 100% of all Tim Reicherts in the state].

The other two Republicans in the race are fighting on the money front. Eric Adland There was a not-so-terrible contribution number, but he spent most of it and now there is very little left in the bank. Laurel EamerIn the meantime, STATE will probably be behind his opponents in a race for the House of Representatives.


This complete list could qualify as the biggest surprise of the first quarter. The Congressional District is a brand new congressional district where there are no posts, yet no candidate is really pushing it on the fundraising front. Democracy Yadira caraveo The bank has the most, and since it has no opponents in the June primary, it will now be able to build that lead.

Republican Lorry is healthy, Who won the top line in the June primary ballot, appears to be adopting the same approach as Ron Hanks in the U.S. Senate race; Sign has only 30 total contributions, indicating that he is not taking any real time or effort to raise funds. Signing in Four-Way Primary has a fairly good name ID that being a top fundraiser is not as important as it could be for other candidates.

Fellow Republicans Barbara Kirkmeyer The bunch has dropped the biggest tard, although perhaps its low numbers indicate that it expects outside groups (such as the Americans for Prosperity) to lift heavily in its favor. Meanwhile, John Coolman The numbers are fairly weak for those seeking strong connections to the oil and gas industry. Tyler Alcorn We produced a better quarterly than expected, though it helps to be able to write yourself a big check; Still, Alcorn’s numbers indicate that he may have enough resources to play a spoiler role in June.

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