Not April Fool’s joke: “Puppy Guy” Alex Walker for real

“Pup Guy” is a low graphic scene from Alex Walker’s campaign launch video.

When we first showed the launch video of the well-produced but tragic graphic campaign Alex WalkerA previously unknown Democratic candidate is running to challenge GOP Freshman’s central representative in the CD-3 primary. Lauren Boebert, We’ll be completely honest: we thought it was fake. If you haven’t seen this video, and despite receiving nearly half a million views, we still don’t dare to watch it a second time, suffice it to say that it will challenge your gut strength in a way that you can rarely do. To imagine

But in a press release today, “Pup Guy” Alex Walker responded to critics who said he was not a legitimate candidate with a strong fundraising performance in the short term: a sign that although we could not fathom Walker’s co-test launch video, Message slurped up.

Today, Alex Walker announced that he has raised an impressive $ 128,796 in just one month since launching his campaign to defeat right-wing extremist Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s Third Congressional District. The grassroots effort is driven by small-dollar grants, with an average of $ 32 grants from approximately 3,500 individual donors. The campaign has approximately $ 50,000 cash-on-hand. Walker, the first Democrat to qualify for the June primary, is on track to raise millions of dollars to oust Boebert in the general election.

“It’s just the beginning. We’re electrifying people across Colorado and across the country who want to make a real difference in the Third Congressional District,” Walker said. “And the campaign is wasting taxpayers’ time without achieving anything in Congress. The campaign is about one thing – victory. I’m the best candidate to defeat Boebert, and today we’re one step closer to sending this crazy packing.”

পর After his launch video got national media attention, Walker’s candidacy began and shows that he is fighting directly with Boebert.

“We received a lot of praise and criticism for the video,” Walker said “I have come to the conclusion that people want more. Stay tuned. ” [Pols emphasis]

We can only say, God help us.

One wonders if the attention that “Pop Guy” received for his campaign launch video could turn into a long-term contest in the CD-3 Democratic primary, but if nothing else, he gave the world an unforgettable brainwashing response to Boebert’s daily attacks. We thought it was a service, even though we didn’t find Alex Walker personally on the first finish line at Horror Primary.

For the next video, we will learn not to look at the time near the food.

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