New: Bank of England’s ‘inclusive’ rebrand costs taxpayers more than £ 51,000

New: Bank of England’s ‘inclusive’ rebrand costs taxpayers more than £ 51,000

A Guido Freedom of Information (FOI) request last month revealed the total cost of the Bank of England’s “inclusive” logo and font rebrand – and prepared itself for it – £ 51,694.49. Public sector banks in England must be built with money …

Rebrand, including a new Britannia logo, font, “Photography for visual recognition ” And a film about the new rebrand, broken down as follows:

  • Britannia emblem design: 6,720.00 – Epic icon
  • Photography for visual recognition: 14,809.27 – Lee Funnel
  • Font design and use license: 22,337.22 – Monotype Limited
  • Animation Guide & Film: 7,728 – Reds sofa

As part of the FoI, Guido asked the bank to mention exactly what they claimed to be more inclusive of their new Britannia – beyond which there is now an interesting resemblance to Nikola Sturgeon.

Their answers are as follows:

  • “Our new Britannia symbol is now readable for mobile users and better reflects our current mission and values.
  • The key changes we’ve made are replacing the St. George’s cross on the shield with a Union flag and removing the coins (the latter also helps increase the size of Britannia in our symbol). “

Thank God St. George’s Cross and the cash pile are gone now. These could be an outrageous anaerobic logo choice for the Bank of England.

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