Malthouse police guard horse training at Rainbow Crossing

Malthouse police guard horse training at Rainbow Crossing

As if the country has not gone insane enough this week with LGBTQIA + rights, this morning the Policing Minister – from a conservative government – defended the police using time, money and resources to help gay police horses cross the new Rainbow Road crossing. They are currently being distracted by colorful floor murals. Despite Nick Ferrari setting up Malthouse for a simple anti-wake Tory Runt, Malthouse suggested:

“NF: It’s a load of nonsense, isn’t it, Minister?”

KM: Okay, Nick, it would be easy to imagine but obviously we can see an increase in painting on the highway. Be it highway bicycle painting or giving different messages on the highway that I know as a girl. [sic] It’s a good idea for riders to get used to the fact that horses are sometimes an unexpected creature and what they’re going to encounter in the public realm – whether it’s a rainbow road sign or a blue lane road sign where cycling seems like a good idea. “

However, it is more pale than the overnight farce of the government’s homosexual transformation therapy policy. Yesterday afternoon ITV News released a leaked document outlining a plan to U-turn the government’s previously stated policy of banning the practice, noting that LGBT groups would be outraged, ministers could resign and both Liz Truss were not told and down due to his previous public support. Climbing would seem almost impossible. The plan was to use the Queen’s speech as a reassessment of the Prime Minister’s priorities.

After widespread outrage, the government introduced the U-turn, saying that gay conversion therapy would go ahead as planned, although trans conversion therapy would still be legal. Even Nicola Murray knew you couldn’t turn on a U-turn – it’s an O-turn …

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