Labor Pierce Week suspension for harassment

Labor Pierce Week suspension for harassment

Labor peer Lord Pendry has been given a one-week suspension by the House of Lords Conduct Committee for harassing a member of the security forces.Physically trembling and restless ” The Lord ignored them whom He rebuked for trying to escort an un-passed guest. Description as a security guard:

“During my tenure at the East Division HOL, I found a paper pass holder. I dealt politely with the pass holder and escorted him [them] Waiting downstairs in a toilet. The pass holder is being returned [their host, thought all was good I returned to my post.

But at approximately 1800hrs a peer unknown at the time, approached me grabbing my radio demanding to know my name. This incident was witnessed (KL], The keeper of the door, who assisted me. I called for support.

This whole incident physically moved me and made me restless. I submit this to you and thank you. It all happened on 6/7/21. “

The incident was actually Lord Pendry’s second dispute with parliamentary security. The Standards Committee also investigated an incident last year where Pendry himself lost his pass and was called a guard when he tried to enter the estate due to security concerns. “A fool “,” a fool ” And point to point said “It’s ridiculous. ” At the time, it did not meet the code of conduct threshold …

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