Julian Downing Street claims credit for the fine … not at all

Julian Downing Street claims credit for the fine … not at all

Following the announcement on FPN by Boris, Sage and Carrie this afternoon, Julian Magham made an amazing tweet claiming credit for the fine.

Since then he has repeated this ego-inflated claim IndependentWho lapped up his unreasonable spin with a commission Op-ed entitledWe have forced the Met to investigate Part 10 in Partigate – today we have brought justice. ” Just a problem – not just this bully, Matt has confirmed it.

In a document available through the Good Law Project’s own site, the Metropolitan Police noted that the campaign group’s judicial review claims had no effect on Partigate’s decision to investigate, which today is in direct conflict with Jolian’s claim of masturbation.

The recent decision to avoid suspicion was in no way due to the demand for immediate judicial review.

Second, and most importantly, the decision of 8 December 2021 was never final. Defendant made it clear to the claimant … that if new information is released, especially as a result of Sue Gray’s investigation on behalf of the Cabinet Office, then Defendant will decide whether to reopen the investigation. The so-called gathering … happened in this case too …

This claim was always premature. Despite the fact that the fact is clear, the clientele still chooses to issue this claim

This guy doesn’t know shame …

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