Joe O’Dea Sticks to the Far-Right Lane

Ron Hanks and Joe O’Dia

After last weekend’s defeat in the State Republican Party Assembly, only two GOP candidates are running for the U.S. Senate: state representatives. Ron Hanks And merchants Joe O’Dia. Distinguishing between the two finalists could be a more difficult task for Republicans than we thought.

Hanks confirmed the center of gravity in this race, with his shutout victory in the state legislature on Saturday. O’Dea qualified for the preliminary ballot in June through the petition process, and staying away from the state legislature could give him a chance to take a moderate path forward.

Except what Joe O’Dia is doing is not at all.

First, from Shawn Price A. Colorado Times Recorder:

At a candidate meeting and greeting in Westminster on Monday, Denver businessman and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dia refused to speak to the Colorado Times Recorder, saying he was not talking to Democrats.

“I’m not talking to Democrats,” O’Dia said [Pols emphasis] When contacted for an interview. The Colorado Times Recorder is a non-partisan news outlet whose coverage reflects a progressive outlook, as explained on our website.

We understand that O’Dea is still quite new to this whole “running for office” thing, but it’s never a good idea to shout out ideas you don’t plan on. Having a conversation With a Democrat in Colorado. Whoever wins the Republican primary in June will face the incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael BennettConcentrate on talking to whom All Colorado votersRegardless of political affiliation.

O’Dea probably believes that his checkbook speaks to Democrats enough that he should not be involved:

But O’Dia, who owns a construction company and an event center in Denver, has let the Democrats talk.

He has been supporting Democratic candidates since 2010, according to the Colorado Secretary of State TRACER database.

Since 2009, O’Dea has sponsored financial campaigns for 13 candidates for public office in Colorado. Five of those 13 were Democrats, including the then government. John Hickenluper (D-CO) in his 2014 re-election campaign.

We have no doubt that Hanks will do much to ensure that Colorado Republicans are aware of the ODA’s contribution to the Democratic cause year after year. O’Dea could try to prepare for this history by positioning itself firmly on the right in every possible subject.

O’Dea was a guest on The Leyland Conway Show on KHOW Radio on Monday and he must have let his (right) crazy flag fly. Conway asked O’Day to exclude federal departments; O’Dea replied that the first thing he would do was get rid of the education department:

O’DEA: I think I want to get rid of it [the Department of] Education. [Pols emphasis] I think we proved it through Covid in Colorado, didn’t we? We finally got to see and see what our kids were learning from us. Guardians around this state took it back. They take it seriously. We introduced the school board.

Conway then went on to make a mockery of other federal agencies that could be merged or eliminated, and O’Dia was right with him!

Conway: I think we could probably go into a department of internal affairs, EPA and BLM all together, you know, the ‘environment office’ or whatever you want to call it. That could all work together as one. You can probably equate it to one-third. When you talk about pruning the government, there is a lot. I don’t think people understood what our founders intended in terms of how much the government was supposed to do in our lives.

O’DEA: Oh, you spot on. You asked me what I should do first … In the second week I would start going through the next bureaucracy. [Pols emphasis] And I think [by] In the third week, you start to get better at it and we start hacking this thing into a manageable form. We don’t have to pay for all this.

Joe O’Dea wants to go to Washington DC and just start cutting things off.

There’s really one of two things that can happen here: 1) O’Dea thinks he needs to be on the right to cross the June primary, especially because of his democratic donor history; Or 2) This Joe O’Dia really believes.

Maybe there won’t be an internal campaign conversation about Joe O’Dee going to the middle. It turns out, not O’Dea Acting Absolutely like a right-wing Republican.

A moderate O’Dea? By no means.

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