Jane Bruton, deputy editor of the Telegraph

Telegraph Deputy Editor Jane Bruton out

Jane Bruton, Of the telegraph Co-editor unexpectedly out. The paper is increasing its news quotient, with recent figures showing a print circulation of less than 14%. Bruton, who was Grazier Editor-in-Chief before joining Telegraph In 2015, Lifestyle was director and deputy editor. The news shocked the newsroom. Senior Telegraph sources are keen to tell Guido that he is going his own way.

Update: Chris Evans emailed Telegraph The following staff:

After seven glorious years, Jane Bruton has left the Telegraph to pursue new challenges. We will miss him immensely and we would like to thank him for his tremendous contribution in helping us reach 750,000 subscriptions, with a goal of 1 million firmly in sight. Paul Nuki will act as Jane’s temporary replacement, report to me. Half of the Cath Brown feature will continue to run the lifestyle and she will report to me. Anyone interested in replacing Jane and leading the digital transformation of The Telegraph should appeal to Adam Siles.


There is no mention of what Bruton’s new challenges might be, and strangely enough, if Evans claims he decided to leave after giving him notice as usual, no permanent replacement has been lined up. According to a source, the struggling editor is Chris Evans “Reign of Terror” Jane Bruton’s deputy, Victoria Harper, also explained that she was on sick leave. It will be interesting to see how the paper performs when their annual statistics are released later this month.

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