Inside Jan Coolman’s Byzantine management style

Jan Kulman will find medieval in your seat.

As Of the Denver Post John Aguilar Reported today, Thornton Mayor a power play earlier this year John Coolman-Now Colorado is running for the Republican nomination in the brand new Eighth Congressional District – now causing a lot of controversy in the suburbs of North Denver. Coolman likes to say on campaign forums that he is a mayor “in his spare time”, but the time he spends seems to be spent. Game of Thrones-Style plot:

Thornton is facing a pair of citizen-initiated lawsuits that have so far cost the city more than 50,000 to fight – a situation that a group of residents have blamed on the city council for calling it a “bully block of five.”

“The main reason for dissatisfaction with the city council is their code of conduct and their hateful behavior,” said Karin Baker, a 20-year-old resident who filed a lawsuit in February against the decision to remove former councilor Jack Phillips from her seat. “This is a clown show.”

The council, in a 5-4 vote, ruled that Phillips was not a Thornton resident after buying a home in South Colorado and taking a job.

Former Thornton City Councilor Jack PhillipsDefending himself in February, just before the vote to boot him from the City Council, he claimed that it was a naked plot to free Mayor Coolman and the right-wing majority of Thornton City Council from a fierce critic:

“This is an opportunity for them to work really hard to get a seat,” Phillips told FOX31 ahead of the council meeting on Tuesday night. “It’s no secret that my relationship with the mayor and the mayor’s protege was not good.”

Phillips, an attorney, took a job as director for a program in the San Luis Valley last July. He said he got a place there because buying property is more affordable than renting.

Phillips said: “I’ve got a license to practice in DC, I’ve done a lot of work in Aspen. “I know where they come from. It has nothing to do with residency, it is a power grab. It is political. Of course, there is nothing wrong with council members working outside of Thornton City. “

In the age of telecommunications, of course, there is nothing unreasonable about hiring people in geographically remote locations, and there is an argument that if we stop honoring officials in honor of their “primary” residence among multiple people who own them. A lot Officials on both sides will be caught in that trap. What it looks like, and the lawsuit alleges, is that Jack Phillips is providing the thinnest excuse for convicting Kulman and the Thornton City Council’s “bully block” to ignore his voting partners.

Looking at Coolman’s game of power in Thornton City Council in the context of what the newly elected Republican majority is doing in Aurora and Douglas County, there’s a general thread … well, Cruelty Where the normal course of business is adhered to only if it meets the political goals of these power-hungry conservative cables. Those who do not cooperate are involved in all sorts of bad things happening in their careers.

However, keep in mind that the next time John Coolman tells you that he is a kind of “outsider” of the eye.

He knows enough about dirty politics.

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