In which Boebert embraces his own scandals somewhat tightly

We’re not even sure what exactly it was, another culture-war petrol bomb Signed in to Twitterverse By the representative of the new GOP Akrosh Transshipment Agent. Lauren Boebert This weekend because, well, it was Saturday:

As our readers and anyone who wants to googled to find out, Boebert has a small problem with condemning anyone on this planet for sexual “grooming” behavior. It’s not a small problem, it’s a problem Too big a problem, If not physically as a result. And for whatever reason, Boebert’s random outburst yesterday sparked an unusually high-profile clapback that reminded Boebert of the nature of his problem:

In response to Boebert’s tweet denying the “extreme left” “grooming bullcrap”, Boebert was linked to hundreds of responses. Salon The story of last August which is thoroughly documented Of Jason Boebert He was convicted in 2004 of exposing his genitals to a young woman in a bowling alley in western Colorado. It wasn’t the first story of that event, but it remains the most thorough and highly publicized retailing.

By now you’re probably asking yourself if you haven’t already: what kind of fool would invite this perishable re-examination of their own record by accusing their opponent of carrying them as luggage?

The answer, as we have explored several times, is that Boebert deliberately chooses lines of attack that closely align his own scandals as a tactic to confuse his critics. Sexual impropriety is a particularly tempting one of many such instances, including pay-day loans from Boebert’s campaign account and Boebert’s less-than-targeted targeting of the January 6 mutiny investigation.

This is a strategy that works for a while, as it often does Donald Trump, Until it is.

And on the kids’ “grooming” issue, it has stopped working for Lauren Boebert.

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