I will exploit unpaid workers in the name of socialism

I will exploit unpaid workers in the name of socialism

Marx always said that in the capitalist system workers are exploited for their labor and Corbyn must prove it. The exiled labor leader must raise money for his peace and justice Party Project, and its new Why we are socialists The book seems to be the answer. Since the book is due to be published in September 2022, Jeremy realizes he doesn’t have time to write it himself, so he wants you to do it for him… for free. The book is made up entirely of ‘short biographies’ submitted by unpaid website visitors, and Jeremy and former Lotto worker Barry James have chosen the best for publication:

The book Why We Are Socialists is a compilation of short biographies throughout the movement written by you. Co-sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn MP and Barry James of the Peace and Justice Project. It is important that our stories are told […]


  • When you became a socialist
  • Where you build your sociality
  • Who inspired your socialism
  • What does socialism mean to you?

Co-conspirators can submit their radical essays here. Then those who want to pre-order the book before it inevitably sells can do so at a generous price of just £ 9.99. No doubt useful funds if Corbin decides to move forward with a new team …

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