Heppey denies NATO involvement when the Russians use chemicals

Hepei has denied NATO involvement in the use of chemical weapons by the Russians

Following overnight unconfirmed reports that Russian forces had deployed chemical weapons in Ukraine, Armed Forces Minister James Happy appeared in the media this morning to warn of an attack if confirmed. “Crosses a line” And for the first time, it denies any direct NATO involvement. Evil, though still impossible.

Speaking on Today Program, Heappey says:

“… I think it’s important that everyone make it clear that the reports were not verified overnight […] But if they are used, [world leaders] It’s clear everyone is crossing a line and there are all sorts of options on the table for how we respond … “

Pressured for specifics, Heappey added:

“I think some ambiguity is useful, but all options mean all options… this is not even a pledge of NATO involvement for a government minister of an individual country, it is quite possible that the reaction to the use of chemical weapons could occur outside of NATO involvement.” But ‘all options on the table’ means President Putin’s obstruction … “

Truss used a similar line last night, although Happy’s refusal to cancel a direct NATO response went further. All we can do is wait and see.

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