Heidi Ganahal, you’re not Russell Wilson

A fundraising email was sent by a Republican Governorate candidate Heidi Heidi Ganahal Being rewarded with some attention yesterday, unfortunately not the good kind:

New Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson.

As you can see, the Ganahl Super Bowl champion is hoping to knock on the buzz about the quarterback’s fare. Russell Wilson By the Denver Broncos. Nothing about this empty application Demand To be understandable, which is good because nothing makes sense about it. This is the name of a cool football player, now will Heidi give money to Gunhall? They could similarly send a fundraising email about the weather asking Heidi Ganahal to buy a raincoat.

But since Ganahl has stepped forward and called for the Broncos’ new star quarterback, how can Wilson jump on the bandwagon as “tough, a winner and always clutch” like Heidi, let’s ask the next logical question: Do you guess the feeling? Is Mutual?

Wilson wasn’t in town long enough to comment on the Colorado governorship race, but there is some evidence that Wilson may not allow a hard-right Republican governor candidate to drop his name on a fundraising pitch:

This is why it is usually a good idea to ask celebrities First If you want to use their name! We don’t know how much Wilson would be proud of it, but he must have something if he wants to.

And depending on how politically active the new QB of the Broncos wants to be (looking at you here, John Leway), Wilson could create some big and long lasting waves.

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