Heidi Ganahal lies directly about sex education

Heidi Ganahal just say whatever

If you haven’t seen the regular Fox News or the latest news from Republican Cancel Culture, we need to highlight some of the issues before we get into the flesh of a story that includes Republicans. Lauren “Q * Bert” Boebert And the Republican Governorate is optimistic Heidi Heidi Ganahal.

Republicans want Disney to scrap everything because the company recently spoke out against the controversial Florida “Don’t Say Homosexuality” law. Sergeant Greg Explanation for The Washington Post – In a column featuring Boebert – Why are Republicans so salty these days:

Boebert, Vance, and others are outraged that Disney has restricted discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom against Florida’s new law. They are outraged over a leaked video in which a Disney executive is seen talking about inserting gay material into Disney content. Some have made heinous allegations of “grooming” to critics of Florida law, including Disney.

In response, culture fighters want the government to repeal all policies that give Disney economic privileges. Laura Ingraham Forcibly For companies that wake up like Disney, “everything will be on the table” when Republicans take power.

If this argument is not clear enough, Arizona’s right-wing Republicans. Andy BiggsWho was the keynote speaker at the big “Centennial Dinner” of the Colorado Republican Party this weekend, recently Tweet out An image of the Disney logo with a Soviet-style twist.

The issue was raised by a Fox News reporter during a press briefing at the White House on Monday Peter Dusi. White House Press Secretary Jane Saki Answer with a question of his own Which left Dusi speechless:

DOOCY: So, if you oppose legislation that prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in K through 3, does the White House support such classroom instruction before kindergarten?

PSAKI: Do you have examples of Florida schools that teach kindergarten sex education?

Because Dusi could not answer this question There are no examples of kindergarteners teaching sex education in public schools. Schools do not teach K-3 grade sex education to children, just as they never taught K-3 students Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahal has often spoken of how inspired he was by the 2021 Republican gubernatorial campaign. Glenn Yankin In Virginia, especially how Yankin uses CRT as a bogeyman to intimidate parents to support his platform. The CRT thing isn’t really working here in Colorado, however, so Ganahl was keen to catch the next big lie about the waking school.

Listen to what Ganahall said last weekend to talk about sex education in Colorado schools and the Democratic government on The Dan Caplis show. Jared Polis:

Public hall: Oh, Giz, Dan, I have a list that I think of 44 different things that are just as disgusting and horrible as the one she led the way in Colorado, be it an abortion bill or teaching our kids sex aids in kindergarten.

“Teaching our kids sex ad in kindergarten.”

Heidi Ganahal is making it !!!

Police are not responsible for the sex education of kindergarteners in Colorado Because it is not. Schools do not do this for many different reasons, one of which is very clear: teaching children about sex education (or CRT) would be practically ridiculous when they are just learning the alphabet and how to color between the lines in a worksheet.

Florida has made the “Don’t Say Gay” law so ridiculous that one of the reasons is that K-3 grade students are not being taught sex education in any way:

The Florida Department of Education told Politifact that the curriculum taught through third-grade classrooms in state kindergartens did not include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Similar petty claims in Colorado were dropped in 2019 when the state legislature passed a bill that included changes to the sex education curriculum. It is up to individual school districts to decide how and when to include sex education in the curriculum, but state law does not require schools to discuss this. Colorado requires that sex education be age-appropriate, so what Ganahall is describing may not happen anyway.

There are a lot of real issues that could and should be discussed in the 2022 governor race, but Heidi Ganahal will make things happen instead.

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