Heidi Ganahal finally finds her knife box

GOP Governorate Candidate Daniel Newshwanger (R).

One of the most inspiring and inevitable flawed campaigns for governors we’ve seen since at least the infamous Dan Mess | The 2010 train crash is a key indicator of the Republican “frontrunner” Heidi Ganahal The weakness was not being able to move away from his primary opponents যারা those who keep up the competition and push the Upstart Challenger. Daniel Newswanger The Republican Party seems to have as much or less momentum in the state legislature in a week from this coming Saturday.

But we can see from a feature-length bodyslam today Of the Colorado Sun. Jesse Paul, Ganahl’s campaign was not passive on the anti-research front – it was not difficult, since Neuschwanger was very outspoken about some past issues with the law, including several arrests and a restraining order against Newswanger from an ex-boyfriend. But now, in order to allow proper digestion before the GOP assembly, here is what the delegates need to know in a story:

Republican Gov. Daniel Newshwanger, a top contender in the fight against Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, was arrested three times between 2008 and 2011 and issued a permanent ban during that time, according to court documents and police records obtained by Colorado.

Serious charges against Neuschwanger, now 34, were dropped from two criminal cases. In the third, arrested for drunk driving, he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. Court records show his blood-alcohol level was 0.109%, above the 0.08% limit.

Neuschwanger, a real estate agent in Albert County who is a far-right candidate with no political experience and a reputation for making controversial comments, has become one of the top contenders to win the GOP Governorate nomination in Colorado. At least one poll, conducted by a Democratic firm, showed him running as the top Republican candidate.

For good measure, perennial candidate Greg Lopez Problems familiar with the law have been fully explored:

In 1993, [Lopez] And his wife was both quoted in a domestic violence incident where he was accused of being pushed to the floor by his wife, who is 6 months pregnant, and kicking her after hitting her on the head. In 1994, the Denver Post reported that Lopez and his wife had both pleaded guilty to a single charge of harassment.

And so everyone is clear:

(Gunhall says he has not been arrested before.)

Make no mistake, by “disclosing” information The sun The fair play in this story, and above Jesse Paul’s thorough reporting condemnation: Democrats can expect to run on a similar pitch. Unfortunately for Ganahl, though, none of this information may be new to Republican state assembly representatives who have done their own minimal research – or even just joined one of the many forums where Neuschwanger illustrates these legal issues in a sympathetic light.

They know about it, and they do Still like Neuschwanger. So far, Ganahall’s inability to stick to one of these hits has once again shown how weak Ganahall’s campaign really is. April 9, we get a good idea of ​​whether these blisters are in broadside The sun Ganahal has helped, but at the moment we do not anticipate that Newswanger will drop out of the ballot in the Assembly এবং and it is still quite possible that Newswanger will overtake Ganahal there as he did in the polls.

One thing we can say for sure is who is scared right now, and it’s not Daniel Newswanger.

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