Green’s Lavis Taxpayer-Funded Feast – Guido Fox

Green’s Lavis Taxpayer-Funded Feast

Oxfordshire’s Green Party emphasized their credentials as a fighter for middle-class social justice because local councilors hosted taxpayer-funded banquets for officers and took pride in it on social media. Food-loading table – tweeted by Councilor Ian Middleton – Despite recent protests from Jeremy Clarkson, the council has praised the mandatory first fully plant-based lunch as a policy. Oxfordshire is the first county council to adopt such an authoritarian policy …

Scanning the flower-covered table, Guido sees for the first time how environmentally friendly the new policy is. Instead of using meat from local farms like Jazer, the Green Party can now enjoy other far-reaching products, including pineapple, kiwi fruit, oranges and mangoes. These are environmentally questionable as they flow from abroad.

Mo Metcaf-Fisher of the Countryside Alliance told Guido:

“So after abandoning sustainable products from local livestock farmers and upsetting the farming community, Motion’s chief lawyer boldly posted a picture of an incredibly exotic, luxurious, fruit and vegetable spread that he claims is a council meeting.

Can the councilor be sure that all these items are locally produced and not shipped from abroad? If not, he has left the council open on allegations of hypocrisy … “

Under the pressure of living, it seems the Green Party is saying let them eat vegan cake …

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