Grace Blakely for a cash talk TV check from “bad guy” Rupert Murdoch

Grace Blackley to Cash TalkTV Check from the “bad guy” Rupert Murdoch

Tom Newton in the exciting new lineup for the new right TalkTV The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with Moyte Marxist Grace Blakely joining as a panelist. News Desk Like Adam Bolton, Douglas Murray, James Slack and Anas Sarwar. Guido, the 91-year-old media mogul worth about 21 21 billion, looks forward to hearing his wax lyrics about the dangers of capitalism.

This is quite an exit for Blakely, who will now cash in on the check for the first time despite warnings about the dangers of the Murdoch empire. “Corporate Media” And it is that threat “Our BBC”. Here is what Rupert said about himself in February last year after protesting the extinction:

“So we’re thinking, for example, about the UK’s extinction uprising, which had some good organizational tactics and some wailing, but they’ve done a good one lately, which was Closing the press owned by Murdoch, Which highlighted all these things, how climate change was not real, not as big as everyone said. This is a really good example of an interesting direct action that highlights this opposition, Highlight a bad guy And encourages people to feel strong. “

Fortunately, Extinction Rebellion cannot block a TV broadcast …

While Guido Blakely is surprised to see Murdoch board the train, the same cannot be said of Adam Bolton. Guido first reported in November that Rupert had been keeping an eye on his former employee for months. Now he’s back in the fold. It should be fun to watch.

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