Gesler jumped to save the GOP from the hands of the disgruntled assembly winner

One and done? Freshman GOP Representative Mary Bradfield (R).

We wrote last week about the extraordinary turnover of elected officials in the arch-conservative El Paso County, the results of a combination of upward ambitions and how far the right-wing organizing group FEC United Claim a sweeping takeover from the bottom of the slate. In Southeastern Colorado Springs House District 21, the current Republican representative. Mary Bradfield Unexpectedly dropped by the newcomer opponent in the June 28 ballot Carl Dent. Rape with a third candidate with Dent. Bradfield was below the required 30% threshold for a place on the ballot and did not submit petition signatures as Bradfield Insurance.

This does not seem to have bothered the HD-21 Assembly delegates, as Dent has a criminal record that is characterized by favorite offenses, such as violating the protective order filed by a female dentist on charges of criminal intrusion and death threats. The HD-21 is not considered competitive, so Dent is heading for an awkward meeting with lawmakers at the Capitol in January if something unexpected happens. There is even the possibility that fellow lawmakers may refuse to sit in Dent’s seat, and at least he represents a serious optics problem for the “law-enforcement team.”

That’s why it’s not surprising that 9NEWS ‘ Marshall Jellinger Today’s report:

Ubiquitous Scott GeslerWho has become the Republican’s representative in the debate Of Donald Trump Failed case to overturn 2020 elections Tina Peters The Douglas County Backroom-Dealing School Board in Mesa County is suing to have the results of the HD-21 assembly restored. Gellinger reported that Gesler wanted a vacancy committee to nominate a candidate for the HD-21 or a do-over in the Assembly – one of which would likely allow Republican Bradfield to run in the June 28 primary ballot. There has been some confusion over the credentials of delegates to the El Paso County GOP Assembly, but it remains to be seen whether this important vote, which kept Bradfield off the ballot, was properly voted on.

In 2020, readers will recall, a remarkably similar situation turned into a protracted political nightmare for the then GOP party chairman. Why talk When he pressured the GOP chairman for Senate District 10, Eli Bremer, To falsely certify a result that is above 30% and has deceived one of the candidates in the ballot. At this point, it’s a court battle to “round off” an intimate but unintended outcome. It is about saving the party from further embarrassment and not allowing a secure GOP seat to take effect due to a catastrophic mistake made by the rank-and-file.

However, the judge ruled that it had nothing to do with respect for democracy.

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