Ganahal refuses to give up flat-out “big lies”

Heidi Ganahal, now with accused clerk Tina Peters.

From today’s unauthorized newsletter Colorado Sun.An interview with the former DA-turned-AM radio host on Wednesday George Bruchler Republican candidate for governor Heidi Ganahal The answer to what should be a simple question represents the latest attempt to secure the masses on record: he believes that the 2020 presidential election was decided in its favor. Joe Biden. More than six months after the original launch of Ganahl’s campaign, where the question stumbled, we see that Ganahl has not improved since the unacceptable answer last September:

Brouchler: “Was the election stolen?”

Ganahal: “You know, Joe Biden is our president. Unfortunately, at the moment, he’s the guy in the White House. We have to do everything we can to change that. “

Bruchler: “But do you believe it was stolen? Don’t you believe it was stolen? Is that a very difficult question?”

Ganahal: “I think there are a lot of questions about what happened in the election. And for four years, Democrats have shouted, ‘Russia! Russia! Russia! ‘ And, over the last few years, we have had some questions about what happened. I don’t understand why they are so hostile to transparency and people ask questions and regain confidence. “

And if that’s not bad enough, Bruchler then asked Ganahal how he planned to handle the questions. Tina PetersMesa County Clark faces criminal charges for tampering with election equipment in a failed attempt to prove a “big lie”:

“I’m not going to impress voters or say what’s right or wrong,” Ganahal said. “It’s their choice.”

You see, Ganahall can’t even go as far as the Colorado Republican Party’s own chairwoman Christy Burton Brown There is and distance from Tina Peters. One of the things that has dragged his way into the larger question of the 2020 election is what most Republican candidates are being forced to do on various levels out of fear for their own base, but even refusing to agree that a candidate under criminal charges should step down. The good of everyone on the ticket (including Ganahal) tells us that Ganahal can really believe in his heart that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

We noted in February when a brochure colleague on 710 KNUS Talk Radio Peter Boyles The former state house ripped apart minority leaders Patrick Neville Even to continue the “big lie” push of tolerance past some conservative voters, not to mention the incoherent plurality of the state, Republicans risk canceling any benefits that could go into the mid-2022 term.

For once, Denver’s right-wing AM radio is talking head right. But Republican candidates have to convince them, for fear of the base or their own beliefs, that they can’t be heard.

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