Field clear: Huge break for Yadira Caravio

State Representative, Pediatrician and Congress candidate Yadira Karaveo.

The Of the Colorado Sun. Sandra Fish Report on the big news from the Democratic CD-8 Congressional District Assembly, where state representatives. Yadira caraveo Rival Adams County shirts appear to have been shut down Chaz German, An early avoidance before it is set to become one of the hottest congressional races in the country by mid-2022:

State Representative Yadira Caravio on Tuesday confirmed the Democratic nomination in Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District, avoiding an expensive primary and allowing her to raise campaign cash to prepare for one of the most competitive congressional races in the country this year.

Thornton lawmaker Adams defeated County Commissioner Chad Tedesco by 71% of the delegate vote, which was effectively held at the 8th District Democratic Rally. Tedesco received 29% of the delegate vote, less than the 30% it needed to make the initial ballot.

In a written statement, Caravio said, “I look forward to continuing to form a winning coalition so that I can be a strong advocate for families and neighbors across Congress next year in Adams, Weld and Larry County.”

Holding on to these results is a great coup for Caravio, giving him a long runway to organize his campaign while Republican opponents spend the next three months attacking each other. Caraveo has always been a moral favorite in this Democratic primary, and now he has the important time and place to start his practical game before sinking into this kind of marquee congressional race. With 71-29% of the vote, without any request from the reserve to save Tedesco, Caraveo turned his rally experience into an unexpected best-case scenario.

And that bodes well for him. We are adjusting our expectations accordingly.

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