Despite the promise of sage skills, NHS recruitment leads to more diversity

Despite the promise of sage skills, NHS recruitment leads to more diversity

This is now an ongoing series in Guido to show how much taxpayers spend money on NHS meaningless diversification and inclusion managers. Since the last story just three weeks ago, four more of these roles have popped up on NHS job boards. Whoever occupies the top gig, the new ‘Head of Equality’, will earn up to £ 90,387 a year …

Whenever one of these stories is published, one of the following comments inevitably claims that the Equality Act 2010 creates the need for recruitment – as if the government is powerless to stop more and more paid diversity jars across England for the rest of the time. Those who make this argument usually refer to the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED), which states that public bodies must

“Properly consider the need to eliminate inequality, advance opportunities, equate and build good relationships between different people when conducting their activities.”

This is not to say that it requires a full team of dedicated diversification and inclusion staff, the top pay collectors courtesy of the taxpayer. Virtually all the responsibilities legally required by the Equality Act can and should be exploited by existing HR department remittances.

Two weeks ago, Sage announced that he would chair a new “Finance and Skills Committee” that plans to reduce র 5.5 billion worth of waste across the public sector, with a definite commitment to double the NHS’s efficiency commitment by 2.2% annually. Guido has heard that there is some excitement in Whitehall for noticing these ridiculous positions, though nothing specific yet. Time to get to work. There is no need to legislate for this, only the bureaucracy has to instruct the ministers with political goodwill …

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