DEFRA Director Goldsmith supports the abolitionist revolt

DEFRA Director Goldsmith supports the abolitionist revolt

It’s been almost an hour since the last row in the Conservative Party, so obviously it’s time for a new one: the Extinction Rebellion. The weekend sparked widespread protests in central London, although unusually Labor yesterday condemned the extremist group and called for an immediate ban. “To stop this disruption.” The Tories were a bit incredible because of Labor’s opposition to the bill banning such protests …

This morning, Ben Goldsmith, Jack’s eco-brother and chair of the Conservative Environment Network, who did not condemn the position of the anti-labor revolt, tweeted “Not a good look from @UKLabour … I’m with xtExtinctionR”. Oddly enough, Benoit is a non-executive director of DEFRA.

Asked to comment on Goldsmith’s tweet, an official source said that George Eustace “Yesterday was very clear about his point of view – people have the right to protest but not when it is obstructed. Ben commented as an individual, and it is not government policy.”

Other responses include a Red Wall tweeting Tori Guido. “Among the Tory MPs, Hindenburg is going down as spectacularly. ” The tweet was surprisingly deleted …

Update: According to Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reid, Labor has now hit back at Goldsmith. “It simply came to our notice then. Although the government has refused to act, Labor has called for an immediate end to the crackdown. ”

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