Daniel Newshwanger will not go quietly on that good night

GOP candidate for Governor Daniel Newshwanger (R).

As Colorado Newsline Reportedly, the Republican governor candidate Daniel NewswangerThe man who narrowly missed out on a seat in the Republican primary ballot in the Republican primary on June 28 last weekend, vowing to fight the result, insisted that in any way the necessary metaphor and … well, physical:

Neuschwanger, a 34-year-old Colorado native and small business owner, was seen as a top Republican governor candidate at a rally at the Broadmore World Arena in Colorado Springs. But he failed to secure at least 30% of the delegate support, knocking him out of the debate …

“(The delegates) tried to tell you that the system was fraudulent, and when they tried to bring it to you, you denied their voices,” Newswanger told Burton Brown, who was captured in a video posted on social media. Newtonwanger stood with supporters at the foot of the stage while Burton Brown knelt at the end of the stage. “I’m going to see you in court, and I’ll make sure, if you commit any fraud, that you’re behind bars.” [Pols emphasis]

Republican Weld County clerk and recorder Carly Coops was at the rally and witnessed some interactions. At one point he heard Newswanger supporters make physical threats. Someone told Burton Brown, “I’m going to tear you off that stage,” Capps said …

In the video posted by Newswanger, one of his supporters is heard saying to a Burton Brown colleague on stage, “Don’t put your hand in front of my face, I’ll throw your ass off.”

9 News’ Marshall Jellinger Newswanger reports that he has video evidence claiming that the voting equipment used in the state assembly was in some way a “failure”:

Newswanger 9 told News that delegates were having problems using electronic clickers that were used to count votes.

After the vote, he confronted Colorado Republican Party chairman Christy Burton Brown, whose vote was never counted.

A video sent to 9NEWS by a Douglas County representative shows an attempt to vote with an electronic clicker. A video allegedly of the Secretary of State racing and showing someone trying to vote for the first candidate, but the device never said the word “counted”. The second video presumably shows the Senate race and before the device finally shows the word “counted”, someone is trying to vote for the first candidate.

Republicans are leaning to protect the party from Neuschwanger’s allegations, Jellinger reports, as Republicans are now in the middle of a court battle seeking to overturn the results of the HD-21 Republican Assembly so that no one is convicted. The only Republican on the ballot that should have been a safe district.

As we have learned from the highly improbable conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election that although the gospel is believed to be true by most Republicans, there is very little, if any, evidence of attracting a large following for one of these reasons. This is a great way to say that even if Daniel Newswanger’s fraudulent claims in the state legislature’s electronic voting system are completely nonsense, all Republicans are willing to believe them without question.

Later Of Donald Trump In the wake of the failed attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in any way necessary, including a coup, we were waiting to see what the impact of the widespread and unfounded loss of confidence in the electoral system would mean for the Republican campaign. At each level in 2022.

The answer? Chaos. Trump sowed the seeds of chaos that Republicans will reap year after year.

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