Dan Hannan reviews Channel 4’s so-called ‘cultural gem’ at Lord’s

Dan Hannan reviews Channel 4’s so-called ‘cultural gem’ at Lord’s

Monday night’s response Channel 4 The announcement began yesterday as a pearl-clutch before the government quickly descended on fascism allegations. One of the basic principles of fascism is the freedom of the media from the state …

An immediate reaction from Metropolitan Louis is that anger is a partial cause Channel 4 A unique broadcaster that focuses on avant-garde social issues – “C4 has enlivened UK diversity” Like Adil Roy Says – and privatizing it would prevent Britain from creating such a program for the under-represented minority group.

Fortunately, Dan Hannan was at Lord’s to check out the channel’s three-decade-old foggy scene. The programming schedule for that particular day reads:

“My Lords, since the announcement, we’ve been hearing about these rare cultural gems that have been made possible by Channel 4’s unique way of financing and which will never be possible in the jungle of teeth and nails.” Capitalism So I’m just looking at what programming is now. With permission, I will tell your Lordships House: “Kitchen Nightmare”, “Undercover Boss”, “Staff’s Packed Lunch”, “Countdown”, “A Place in the Sun”, “A New Life in the Sun” and “Sun, Sea” And sell houses. ”Is it really believable that we are protecting something that the private sector cannot provide?

Lord Parkinson diplomatically changed Hannan’s condemnation list review, partly in Latin, responding that the minister may not be very well known. Of Channel 4 Offerings If anyone is interested, today you can look forward to the three episodes of Frasier, the same cooking and undercover boss program as yesterday, the countdown, the three-hour man buying a home abroad, the Simpsons, the Holyox and the Naked Attraction at 10pm. Netflix could only dream of such a lineup …

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