Crispin Blunt was “not fit to hold public office” by constituency councilors

Crispin Blunt constituency Conservative councilor says “not suitable for public office”

Just when the Tories expect them Chase This last chapter of Imran Ahmed Khan’s party scandal will come to an end after his conviction this afternoon, with MP Crispin Blunt arriving. Blunt a few hours ago Published A shocking statement in support of Khan’s defense, which he claimed was “homosexual” and “hopeful.”Imran Ahmed Khan’s return to public service which has given an example to his life till date. In the meantime, the results of his speech have been found Three Blunt’s colleagues In APPG LGBT + rights to resign.

Guido may reveal tonight that Blunt’s statement has angered his local team, creating a furious row in a local WhatsApp chat that Blunt has now left. Crispin pre-announced his statement, which was welcomed by his demand for greater clarity on the outcome. ““. Another asked their MP, “Do we really want to protect someone like that ?? I totally agree with you [first incredulous responder]”

Leaning against the wall, Blunt came out with the following two messages:

“As a detail you mentioned in 2008 you wanted to reflect on the investigating officer. It was not a sexual harassment. There is more.

“I am deliberately giving a counter-statement to ask people to allow him to appeal before his reputation is completely forgotten, because everyone has rushed to the verdict. I shouldn’t have strongly accused him, 14 years later he was much less guilty of an incident that was small or of any scale.

I’m sorry but this is a rotten day for British justice and I will stand up for the truth because I see it in front of me. “

One councilor replied that he did not doubt Blunt’s “sincere intentions,” but “please think of your local association and council colleagues who will respond to your actions at the door – even if an application is rejected.”

When an annoyed Blunt replied, “Please don’t hesitate to talk to me about my competition responsibilities, I am well aware of them. ” The councilor retaliated with a devastating response:

Blue on blue just before the local election – no doubt CCHQ wanted to see exactly what this evening …

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