Colorado’s Worst Campaign: “F *** Ed Four”

After three iterations of our brackets featuring the worst campaigns in Colorado this century, we’ve reached the stage of the “biggest loser” we call “F *** Ed Four.”

Click here to catch up. How we got to “F *** ed Four” and continue reading our breakdown below to cast your vote for the final!

“F *** Ed Four”

Bob Beuprez ’06 (Governor) vs. Tim Neville ’16 (Senate)

Bob Beuprez The 2006 Governorate campaign is always going from tough to terrible. Beau Perez’s worst TV commercial of the last 22 years has been in his infamous “Horse Donkey” spot, followed by the raw number factor: he lost to the little-known former Denver District Attorney since becoming the 2006 governorship favorite. Bill Ritter By 17 points! We haven’t seen a big statewide campaign to decide on such a large margin since then.

Dan Mess ’10 (Governor) Vs. Heidi Heidi Ganahal ’22 (Governor)

Ganahal’s campaign is soon to be declared one of the four worst of this century, but he is running for the title. Meanwhile, it is harder to do much worse than Mess’s general election in 2010, when he won 11% of the vote in a three-way contest with Democrats. John Hickenluper And nominated by the American Constitution Party Tom Tancredo. It’s a safe bet that we won’t soon see a big party candidate in Colorado perform this poorly in the general election.

Walker Stapleton ’18 (Governor) vs. George Bruchler ’18 (Governor)

Brouchler knocked out the previous round and pulled the trigger Daryl Glenn Tragic 2016 campaign for the US Senate. Stapleton’s gubernatorial campaign was certainly not good, but at least he won the Republican nomination and made it entirely into the general election. Bruchler’s gubernatorial campaign was so bad that he dropped out about six months later – and his supporters claimed he got all the “speed” of running. Bruchler went on to run for attorney general in 2018, a race he easily lost to a Democrat. Phil Weiser.

John Kisser ’16 (Senate) vs. Scott McNeiss ’10 (Governor)

This was the closest theoretical fight in the whole bracket. McKinsey’s campaign was so bad that he lost Dan Mess | In the 2010 Republican primary. But Caesar eventually moved on because his brief campaign for the U.S. Senate was epic in its horrors. His infamous meldown in front of the then Denver 7 reporter Marshall Jellinger Inspired by a series of internal jokes that politicians still use. Caesar was so humiliated by his performance that he left Colorado altogether just months after the June 2016 Republican primary election.

So, which of the “F *** ed Four” is the worst? Vote below:

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